Ch 7 New beginings

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Luke POV

Leaning over the sick I vomit again, tears running down my face. I can't go back in there, I just can't. Oh god what has he done to her. I hear the others moving around and a click of the door closing. I stumble over to the front door, wanting, no needing to get out of this house of horrors. My brothers aren't far behind me. Silas's face is so red I'm afraid of him. I've never seen him loose it like this. Kota looks like a statue. Face blank and eyes unseeing as he walks. Victor is as white as a sheet, with tears running down his cheeks.

We make it through Nathan's front door in silence. Neither of us want to speak let alone remember the horrors of what we just saw.

"Any problems?" Mr B asks Kota. He just shakes his head. He looks over all of us and I see a flash of something in his eyes. But it's gone as fast as it came. "What did you find?" His voice is a hard command, but I can't speak. None of us can.

I see Kota handing over a camera. He was taking photos?

I watch as Mr B and Doc go through the pictures on the laptop. I know the moment they come across the photos of the locked room Doc runs to the bathroom throwing up and Mr B's face shows so many emotions. Fear, horror, sadness, anger and many more. The one that stands out the most though is determination, determination to never have her go back.

"She's not going back. Never, never going back. I WONT ALLOW IT!" Kota finally breaks. He's shaking with pure anger and hatred towards her uncle.

Sean POV

I couldn't take it any more, 4 photos was all it took, to shatter everything inside me. I will never let anyone lay an ill hand on her again. The only hands on her now will be ones done out of love. I may have only just met her but she has stolen my heart and I will do anything to protect her. She can live with me. If not I will follow her where ever she goes. She is Sang, my Pookie. She will only know love from now on.

I clean my face as I hear Kota shouting. I'm kind of glad North is asleep with her right now. After seeing that, he would charge out of this house and burn her uncle's to the ground. I check my watch and see its close to 4:30am. We won't be getting any sleep tonight. I send Dr Roberts a text telling him I won't be in today, family emergency. I get a quick reply that all will be covered.

Returning to the others, I can hear talks of what the next step is we're going to take.
We have decided to wait until the others are awake and talk to Sang. Explain what we have found out and how we are going to help her. It will be her choice to whom she moves in with. I don't care who it is as long as I'm right there along side her.

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