Ch 16 Friday part 2

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North POV

It's been almost 2 hours and baby is finally coming around. I haven't once moved from the lounge with her cuddled up on my lap. Even if it took days I wouldn't move until I knew she was okay.

"North." I hear her quietly say my name, and it lifts a weight off my shoulders to know she is back in the here and now.

"Yes baby I'm right here."

"I'm so sorry." She looks down to her lap and starts to fidget with the end of the blanket.

"Baby why are you apologising? You have done nothing wrong." I just don't understand what could she be sorry for?

"Because I'm silly. Who freaks out over someone knocking on a door. And now I have ruined your day. Oh no wasn't Luke cooking breakfast. I ruined that to."

"Shh baby no you didn't. Nothing is ruined. Will just have a big lunch instead. And anyone could have 'freaked' out with how Raven was knocking on the door. I'm surprised it's still there with how loud it sounded. How about we get you dressed then head over to the house for some food. I'll even sneak you some chocolate" I wink at her. "Just don't tell Luke. Can't have him thinking I've gone soft." I chuckle at this. Shit if he knew I was willingly giving someone chocolate without kicking up a fuss he would pass out. Hmmm not a bad idea. Nah gotta keep him on his toes.

After Sang dresses in a pair of black Cotten shorts that stop just above her knees and another one of those singlet tops where she doesn't have to wear a bra this time in grey. Over that she has thrown on some baggy see through top and slipped on a pair of sand shoes. Taking her hand I help her down the couple of steps from our trailer.

Walking over to the house I notice the Toma teams cars are still here. They better keep their fucking mouths shut around my baby. We walk in through the back door and down towards the front of the house where I'm guessing everyone else is.

Walking into the room I have Sang baby tucked safely into my side with my arm wrapped around her. All sound stops as my family notice us and jump up wanting to run and hug baby. I can see them all hold them selves back for not knowing what state of mind she's in. I look down at her and see she gives them a soft smile and nod. Silas is the first to make it and gives her a gentle hug and kiss on her hair. This happens with each of my brothers until it's only Doc and Mr B left. They take her into the kitchen to talk privately, I give her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, telling her I'll be right in here if she needs me.

I turn to my brothers and they all look at me with a silent message of thanks, for making sure baby is alright.

I sit down in one of the bean bags that must have been brought out from Luke's room and look at the Toma team for the first time since this all started this morning. Raven and Brandon won't look at me, Axel I can see is trying to figure out what to say and the bitch Kayli is shaking her head. What the fuck is she thinking.

"I can't believe it. The big bad Blackbourne team is going to be brought down by a little girl. God how pathetic can you guys be. The little shy girl act really is all an act. I bet she did those things to herself to get attention, and you boys just happened to swoop in and save the day." I'm going to kill this bitch. How fucking dare she talk about baby like that. She has no clue what Sang baby has gone through.

I notice through my red haze that I'm not the only one being held back. Gabe steps forward with the most vicious look I have ever seen on his face.

"Look here you two bit whore. You have no clue what Trouble has gone through and we know for a fact that it is no act. Unlike you, who as soon as your teams backs are turned will jump on any guy who can still get his cock up. How many guys outside of your team have you fucked now 10, 20 maybe 50. Shit! Do you even know? Fuck we feel sorry for the Toma team, if anyone has blinded a team and screwed them over Kayli all you need to do is go take a fucking good long look in the mirror." Oh shit. We all knew she was doing shit behind their backs but I didn't realise it was this bad.

Raven looks like he's been stabbed, Brandon won't take his eyes off the floor and Axel looks ready to kill her. I can hear his teeth grinding as he talks to her. "Kayli you are grounded until I say say so, follow me." He walks out of the house with the slut following behind. Just before they leave she send a death glare towards the kitchen.

I have a bad feeling we're going to need to keep a sharp eye on her. I hear a car door slam and the engine start. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Doc, Mr B and Sang baby come back into the room from the kitchen. She still relaxed but seems to be thinking hard about something.

Kota scoops her up and sits her in his lap. She looks over at me and I smile and nod my okay. I don't mind if she sits on my brothers laps, I hope she can feel safe around my whole family.

Sang POV

I was worried that North would get angry with Kota for sitting me in his lap, but my big teddy bear just smiled.

There was 2 people I had never seen before sitting on the couch. I thought there was 4 of them when I walked into the kitchen. Dr Green said he was happy with how I'm now processing what happened this morning and Mr Blackbourne suggested I go talk to a professional. Two things have triggered me in as many days, and with school starting I'm going to need some help outside of the boys to sort through my emotions and find a way to cope with what my new life has to offer me. I asked him about what will happen with my uncle coming home today, he said we will discuss it when their friends leave.

"Where has Mr Toma and Miss Winchester gone?" Mr Blackbourne asked the room.

"Family emergency." The smaller of the 2 guys left answered.

"Well now that we're all here I would like to introduce you both to Sang. Sang these two bone heads are the ones who never learnt how to knock on a door." I can't help but giggle at Dr Sean. No matter how serious he try's to sound you can't help but smile at him.

"Bone heads?" The big one asks his friend next to him.

"Another word for idiot. Hi Sang I'm Brendon and I'm sorry for this morning." Brendon starts scratching the back of his neck.

"I am sorry too little bird. My names Raven. I like to piss west here off and I shouldn't have taken it so far. Normally he yells at me in first minute." I can see that both of them were just playing around it wasn't their fault. They didn't know I was in there.

"It's okay now. You didn't know I was in there since we have never met before. I understand that it was just a joke that got out of hand. Just one question, who's west?"

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