Ch 5 Meeting Sang

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North POV

THUD.... SMACK.... WACK.....THUD..... SMACK..... WACK.
Again and again I hit the boxing bag. It's either this or I take it out on someone. I was sent out here by Mr B when I punched a hole through the wall after doc told us about the girl.... Sang.

Kota is still sitting with her, waiting, hoping she will wake up soon. We all looked in on them, and when I saw her I couldn't breathe. She was so small and looked for fragile laying in the centre of Nate's bed. Her skin so pale, even against the whiteness of the sheets. An IV in one hand and Kota holding the other. How could someone do this to someone so beautiful. I swore I would do anything to protect Sang from that moment on. I may not know her yet, but I would and I would not let the fucker touch her again. I'm only speaking for myself but I have a feeling the same goes for all my brothers as well.

Out of breath I lied down the wall to the floor taking a long drink of water.
"aisthánontai kalýtera ?" (Feeling better?)
"arith . échei af̱tí̱ xypní̱sei akóma?" (No. Has she woken up yet?) I'm wondering how long Silas has been watching me for.
"óchi akóma. doc échei páei sto nosokomeío gia na párete perissóteres promí̱theies gia to póte chreiázetai na alláxei sáltses ti̱s. pí̱re epísi̱s éna deígma aímatos gia na elenchtheí ." (Not yet. Doc has gone to the hospital to get more supplies for when he needs to change her dressings. He also took a blood sample to get tested.)

We made our way back inside, Luke was cooking, Nathan was quietly talking to Mr B. He still didn't look okay. Gabe and Vic were playing on the Xbox. I'm guessing to keep their mind off things.

I go into the kitchen to help Luke. I can't just sit around and do nothing.
None of us were very hungry tonight, so for the first time ever we had a fridge full of left over food.

Around 11pm Mr B gets a text and we watch as his whole body freezes.
"She's awake."

Sang POV

I feel numb. What happened? I was walking through the woods, oh no, he found me sir must have found me. Please no. I don't think I could take much more.

"Sang. Sang, your okay, everything's okay. Your safe."

Who is that? I think I recognise the voice but I can't remember where from, but it makes me feel safe.
I realise I'm laying down on something soft. This isn't my bed. Where am I? I slowly open my eyes and see I'm in a bed room. There's a boy sitting on the bed looking at me. Is that my hand in his? I still can't feel everything, all I feel is lots of tingles and a burning feeling coming from my back, chest and stomach.

I know his face, he was one of the boys from the woods. I look into his eyes and they are so green, his glasses only high light their amazing colour. "Sang, do you remember me."
"Yes. Wasn't their two of you." I cough, my throat feels like it's been stuffed with Cotton balls.
"Yes, my friend Nathan and I. My names Kota if you don't remember. I'll get him to bring in some water for you if that's Okay?" I just nod and give him a small smile. He pulls out a phone and starts typing away on it. I guess he's sending a text. Not a minute later the other boy Nathan walks in and closes the door behind him.
"Hi peanut. I'm so glad your awake." Peanut? I take small sips of water until the horrible feeling of cotton mouth goes away.
"Peanut?" I ask. He chuckles softly.
"Sorry but your just so small like a peanut and cute enough I just want to put you in my pocket." I quietly giggle.
"I like it." These boys are so nice. I look down and notice I'm not in my clothes anymore.
My finger pushes in my bottom lip as I say, "um, where are my clothes? And where am I?" Nathan all of a sudden looks so sad and guilty. What did he do?
"I'm so sorry Sang. When we were walking back to mine I touched your back and..... And you fainted. We didn't know what to do. I brought you inside while Kota called a friend of ours who's a doctor." No, no. No one can know. I'm going to be punished he's going to kill me this time. I break down. I can't stop crying. They were trying to be nice and now sir will hurt them too.
I hear the door open and the sound of running.

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