Ch 17 Friday Part 3

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Owen POV

It seems Miss Sorenson has gotten herself two more protectors. In just an hour she has some how gotten Brandon and Raven wrapped around her little finger, without even knowing it.

Mr Morgan, Mr Korba and both Mr Taylor's have taken Miss Sorenson out to get her school supplies and a phone. We need to be able to have her contact us at a moments notice since Mr Conway is due back today.

Before they left Mr Lee asked if he could talk to myself and Dr Green.

"Yes Mr Lee what did you wish to speak to us about?" I ask him. We all have taken a seat at the kitchen table in the Taylor's dining room.

"It's about Kayli Mr Blackbourne. It seems we will have to keep an eye on her. While Dr Green and yourself were talking to Sang, she decided to say some rather spiteful things." I can see Mr Lee is trying to blank his face from emotions but is having a hard time. What could she have said to cause this reaction?

"Kota what did she say?" Dr Green asks.

"To put it simply, she said that Sang was playing us all and that she inflicted her injuries on herself to gain attention. She also said that Sang will be our family's downfall." He takes a deep breath trying to calm himself down. I can see there is more but I won't pry at the moment.

"What was the reaction to this?"

"A few of us tried to go for Kayli but were held back. Gabe ended up saying something that we had all suspected but had no proof of to shut her up."

I texted Mr Coleman who was in another room to come in to explain what he knows.

"Is this about the bitch Kayli?" Mr Coleman asks as he walks in?

"Yes would you please explain what you know and how you know it."

"Right so, 2 weeks ago I was sent out to help the Toma team. I had to dress the twins and Kayli for a gala. Don't know what the job was but yeah at some point the twins had to switch out. Anyway the twins had already left and it was just me and Kayli. I was doing her make-up when she tried to kiss me. I told her to back off she striped in front of me and said no one needed to know. I left her clothes on the bed and got the fuck out of there. Later that week I was at the academy doing a refresher course when I over heard some of the new guys talking about the Toma team. Saying they were blind and stupid not to know bout their bird.
I ended up finding out all 5 of them had slept with her over the past month. They went on to tell me about a few other guys they new who she had taken a liking to and also a few old dogs she had propositioned. But they didn't know names just he said she said sort of thing. It seems to have been going on awhile."

Shit, this isn't good. Their family will be the laughing stock of the academy. I just hope their family services this.

"Thank you Mr Coleman, Mr Lee. I will let the Toma team know we are there for them through this tough time if they so wish. Do either of you have a problem with that?"

"No." They both reply.

Sang POV

I'm at the mall again and I feel so overwhelmed. School starts Monday and we only just realised that I have no books, not even a bag. So I was packed up and driven to the mall.

So far we have brought my bag, books, pens and pencils and anything else I could need. I feel as though they brought me to much stuff but Victor just told me to say 'thank you' and not think about it.

We decided to go get something to eat when we finished up at the last store. Walking through the mall I must say the guys seem to attract a lot of attention. Mostly of the female kind. I'm walking in between North and Silas with Luke and Victor in front of us. They either don't notice it or don't care.

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