Ch 23 Sang wakes up

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zoe1uk1988 thank you for making me laugh during writing this and thank you LakeBookReviews and meschall for the names :)

Victor POV

Sitting here going over the footage with Mr B I can feel the tension and frustration rolling off him. It's very rare we see any emotion from him but in such a short time princess seems to have broken down some of his walls. You wouldn't be able to tell normally, but we have all known him a long time and the slight changes in him are big flags to us.

Bring up the correct time stamp we watch princess walk into the bathroom with no problems. Just under 2 minutes later we see Jade, Megan and Paris enter. I wait and wait, watching the time stamp to see how long they are in there. 11 minutes and 34 seconds later they leave. You can see the grins on their faces. Paris flips her red hair over her shoulder and starts waving her arms around and stomping a foot with an evil looking heel on it while laughing.

I see Jade point at her shoe and it looks like she's angry. Megan pulls something out of her bag and bends over and wipes the shoe.

"Mr Morgan, freeze and enhance on what she is holding." I do as Mr B asks and zoom in on what looks to be a tissue. Getting closer and closer we can see something on it..... Blood. Jade had Sang's blood on her shoe. I take a screen shot and bring it back to the original frame. We watch them walk down the hall towards their classes like nothing happened.

Silas POV

Neither myself or North have left Aggele's bed side since we sat down. I hope she's okay, I will destroy who ever did this to her.

It's almost 4am and I still can't sleep. I'm resting my head on my hands against Aggele's bed. North doing the same but never letting go of her hand. I have never felt true jealousy of my friend but watching them together I can't help it. All it takes is one small touch or feeling her eyes on me and I melt.

I feel movement on the bed and quickly raise my head. Aggele is waking up. I watch as her eyes slowly flutter open and it takes a moment before she looks around the room. When her eyes land on me I give her a small smile.

"Hi Aggele, how are you feeling?

"Silas? Where am I?"

"Your in the hospital. What's the last thing you remember?"

"We were having lunch at school and I went to the bathroom. I remember talking to some girls. That's it. What happened?" Her voice raised higher, more panicked. This woke North up. I watched him startle awake mumbling "don't hurt baby". I have never seen my best friend in so deep before.

"North star?" Sang asks quietly into the darkness of the room.

"Oh baby, thank god you're awake." He stands quickly and leans over hugging her, trailing kisses all over her face. Hold on I thought that was only for show at school. What have I missed?

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I should of been there. I should of come with you." North starts rambling. I can't let him take all the blame I should have been there too.

"I'm sorry as well Aggele. We were going to the same class I should have just waited for you in the hallway. Can you ever forgive me." Please let her forgive me. I don't know what I would do if she doesn't.

"Don't, please don't. I'm the one who is sorry. I shouldn't have gone by myself. You warned me, and I was to stupid to listen." I see tears slowly falling into her cheeks. I don't know what possesses me to do what I did next but I lent forward and kissed the tears off her creamy rose coloured cheeks. I realise what I've done and go still. That is until she looks up at me and gives me the sweetest smile. Aggele raises her hand and cups my cheek, "thank you Silas. Do either of you know what happened to me?"

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