Ch 12 First time for everything

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Gabriel POV

Fuckin' ay! Never have I had a girl to dress before. The fact that I have a fresh canvas to work on is even better. Before we walked into the mall I realised she might not feel comfortable with others touching her. I wanted to get her fitted for proper bras, but I don't see her allowing any fucker, other then us of course, to touch her.

Lucky for me I keep a small to go kit in Kota's car. Standing next to the car I measure her hips, waist, chest, we'll just everything I needed to. Fuck has she got a nice rack. I really need to keep myself in check here.

We make our way to the front doors and she just stops. Why the fuck did she stop? Sang is dead still, eyes wide and that dam finger pressed to her bottom lip.

"Sang are you okay? Is anything wrong?" Kota asks her.

"What? No, no, it's just...... I've never been to a mall before. There's so many people. It's looks so big, how do you find what you want?"

"Easiest fucking shit Sang. I love shopping, and I happen to know every good place in here. So let's get this show on the road." I grab her hand and tug her with me. Okay first thing we need is bras and panties..... Victoria's Secret it is.

So many choices, colours, types. We need at least 10 matching sets. Because of her fucked up uncle, Sang can't wear bras for awhile so I need to find as many tops as possible with built in bras. Poor Kota decided to wait out the front of the shop. Ha ha fucker doesn't know what he's missing.

Handing over Victor's very fucking handy black card, I pay for 10 bras, 10 matching panties, 4 sets of p.j's and 10 crop tops with built in bras. Sang can at least wear these under her clothes for the time being.

Kota POV

I really love my brother Gabe, but I sometimes just don't understand him. How does he think it's okay, even normal to take a girl, let alone a very good looking girl shopping for intimates. I couldn't stop the blush as soon as I realised where he was going. I decided to sit out the front while they did what they had to do. God, from here I can see a lot of lace. How does Gabe not get turned on in there. I'm sitting out front here with a semi. I start thinking about everything and anything I know about physics. Yep that's helped.

It's been 3 hours, we have what Gabe likes to call the basics, but now we're on to shoes. I've had to go back to the car twice to drop off bags. I'm trying not to complain because the poor girl literally has nothing so he is starting from scratch for her.

Walking back into the shoe store I see piles of boxes all around her. Gabe has her foot up slipping on a sandal. She's looking at the shoes like there worth a million dollars. Maybe she has never seen shoes like these.

"Gabriel I don't think I can walk in these."
Gabe has just slipped a heeled shoe on to Sang's feet. They look to be about 2 inches high.

"You'll be fine. Don't be trouble. Come on up you get." Gabe helps her stand up and she starts walking towards me. I see it before it happens. Sang starts to wobble and falls head first. I quickly move to catch her before she falls. Yep heels are out, she can't walk in them.

"Fuck! Shit you are trouble. Okay so flats it is then." Gabe goes back to the boxes and sorts through them discarding all shoes with a heel. I help Sang sit down again and slip the shoes off her feet.

"Are you okay Sang?" I ask her. She looks like she's holding back tears.

"Yeah I'm okay." She says so quietly I almost miss it.

"Come on don't lie to me. I just want to help."

"My legs and back hurt. The pain medicine has worn off." Crap. Okay time to wrap up this shopping trip.

"Gabe, get what you need I'm taking Sang back to the car she's in pain." I slip on her old shoes and help her up slowly.

"Shit. Okay, give me 10 minutes and I'll meet you at the car."

Driving back to North and Luke's Sang has fallen asleep in the back seat. I think the whole day has just taken its toll on her.

I pull up in front of Norths garage and get out. The door to Norths trailer opens and North quickly makes his way out to the car.
"She's asleep in the back seat. I need to make a call to doc her pain med's have worn off."

Without saying a word North opens the back door and unbuckles Sang's seat belt and gently lifts her out. Holding her bridal style he slowly starts to walk towards his trailer, placing soft kisses along her hair line. I have never seen him like this before. He's gentle.

Silas POV

As soon as we hear Kota's car leave North heads straight for his trailer.

"Si can you get one of the big bins from inside the garage?" I turn and make my way over to the open door and find the biggest bin I can carry. I empty it out and place in next to the door of the trailer.

"So what are we throwing out?" Nate asks.

"Any porn, alcohol, and old food you find. Also I want to get rid of the draws in my room. They take up to much space and I don't have much in them. Strip the wardrobe inside to create shelves on one side. Also a bottom shelf. Knowing Gabe he will buy her shoes and we need somewhere to put them."

We all get to work. Luke and Nate start to collect everything North doesn't want and we start on taking out the draws and clearing his wardrobe.

As I'm moving about the garage collecting tools to start making the shelving unit I see Luke walking into the house with a box full of something.

"Luke what have you got there?"

"Norths porn." He has a cheeky smile on his face. "This is a gold mine. I am not allowing this to be thrown out." Laughing he makes his way to his room. I shake my head and go back to North who is measuring the area he wants the shelving.

It's been 3 hours, the trailer has been cleaned out, vacuumed, all areas wiped down. His sheets have been washed and dried and put back on the bed. The shelving unit is in and Nate has just finished cleaning the bathroom. I don't think I have ever seen this place look so clean.

Sitting back on the couch we open bottles of water.
"Thanks for helping today. I really want Sang baby to feel safe here."

"So what is going on between you two? I'm surprised you didn't demand to go shopping so you could keep an eye on her." Nate asks.

"I don't know. When we went and saw uncle he asked who was with her. I said me, since it would be easier to explain why she's in my bed at night."

"Don't lie to yourself little brother. I think it's more then that. I think someone has a little crush." Luke is ginning like a fool.

North grumbles under his breath then says, "it's not a crush. I think it's more then that. I would rather die then see anyone hurt another hair on her head."

We hear a car pull up and North is straight up out of his seat and opening the door.
I move to the open door and see a sight I never thought I would see in this life time. North cradling Sang to his chest placing soft kisses on her head and looking at her like she is the most precious thing in the world. What has happened to my brother? I can't help but smile though.

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