Ch 10 Finding the truth

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Victor POV

Opening up the dragon desk I get to work. I had to leave, straight after Sang told us about how she ended up here. Not only to start on the background check but to keep a clear head. Never in my life have I wanted to kill someone like I want to kill her uncle. I may hate my parents but I've never wanted to kill them like I do him.

I start running the name Geoff Conway. Through every known data base I can. It takes 4 hours but what I end up finding chills me to the bone. I knew some of her story had gaps and this just proves that we are not dealing with an ordinary man.

Owen POV

Trying to get through my paper work has become impossible. I can't stop thinking about Miss Sorenson. As a family we decided her moving in with both Mr Taylor's would be best. She seems to have formed a bond with the younger Mr Taylor. I don't know how. He has always been rude and gruff, never letting anyone inside. Except us, his family. Other people are barely tolerated. He handles everything with an iron fist, yet within 2 days this small girl has brought out a side of him I never thought I would see. He treats her like a china doll, and if he is not holding her his eyes follow her every move.

My phone vibrates on the desk and I'm hoping its Mr Morgan. I need this information badly if we are to help her.

Victor: Mr Blackbourne, background check completed.

Mr Blackbourne: anything stand out?

Victor: all of it. Where would you like to meet?

Mr Blackbourne: come to my house ASAP

I put down my phone and tidy up the desk. I know I now won't get anything done, until I find out what Mr Morgan has found.

Sitting at my kitchen table Mr Morgan has brought over a file and his laptop. The file is thick, this does not sit right with me.
"Explain to me what you have found Mr Morgan." I need him to get to the point.

"Nothing good. It seems that Geoff Conway is not Sang's uncle. He is not related to her at all. Sang's mother Joy Sorenson is an American citizen but moved to Australia when she was 22 and was married that same year to Sang's father Steven Sorenson.
Geoff Conway's connection is with Ms Sorenson. They worked together from when she was 17 to age 20. A month after leaving her job she goes to the police claiming Mr Conway is stalking her. 3 months later a restraining order is issued to Mr Conway. He is not aloud to come within 500 feet of Joy Harris as she was known before marriage.

There are several complaints that he broke the order but none were ever proven. Just before her 22nd birthday Mr Conway is arrested in Joy Harris's home in possession of rope, a knife and a date rape drug in liquid form in a syringe.

He was convicted and sent to prison for 12 years. But only served 10, got out on good behaviour.
I found no record of the police calling him about the death of Joy Sorenson. Some how he received the information and forged documents to take Sang away.

Another thing I came across, there is nothing on a Sang Sorenson anywhere. She was never registered when born and has never had anything in her name. She is a ghost. I still haven't worked out how he got her into the country, but my guess from what she told us, is she was drugged and smuggled onto the plane some how."

I can't believe what I'm hearing. It's all so much to take in. I thank Mr Morgan and bid him goodbye.

Taking the file I retreat to my office to have a closer look at what information has been found so far.

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