Chapter 29

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*WARNING* language and mature themes.

I don't think I will ever get used to Victors money or what it can buy. Sitting by his indoor pool on a sun lounger I look out through the glass walls at the setting sun. Almost everyone is here except Raven and Luke. They left to go get a few things saying we would need them for tonight.  "Hey sweetie, how are you holding up after today?" Kota sat down next to me and asked. "Better now. I just feel sorry that they had to have that happen to them in their own homes." I look over to where Corey is sitting with Gabriel fussing over his hair, fixing it up. "They will be fine. They have each other, plus tonight will help them get their mind off things."

I hear the sound of the glass doors opening and the voices of Luke and Raven drifting in. As my gaze swings towards them I catch site of Sean standing behind Mr. B swinging his hips, doing some weird dance that makes me start to giggle. Steel grey eyes meet mine, he arches one eyebrow in question over my giggling. My eyes flick behind him where now Sean is doing a hop, jump thing with both hands in the air. Owens head turns and he catches him mid act. I know they can all move fast, but it still amazes me each time I see it. Before any of us can blink Sean is sailing through the air into the pool. Laughter explodes from twelve different mouths and Owen as put together as he always is, just smirks. Sean breaks the waters surface coughing and laughing. "Took you long enough Owen." He laughs out.

"Who's ready to party?" Luke shouts. "What party?" Nathan asks. "We all need to relax, as well as celebrate so I discussed it will Mr. Blackbourne and just for tonight we may let our selves get a little wild." Axel says with a wicked smile. "How fucking wild?" Gabe yells out. "Jim, Jack and Johnny have come to help." Raven smiles a cheeky smile towards us, while pulling out three bottles. I read the labels Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. Then he pulls out a forth the label says, Tia Maria. "Cupcake I got you this, since if we add it to milk it will taste more like a cold coffee" Luke hands me the bottle and it says it's coffee flavoured.

Drinks start getting poured as who ever is still dressed gets changed into their board shorts. North passes me my drink, I take a sip and it's almost like caramel coffee. It's yummy. "Thank you North Star." I stand on my tippy toes with my free hand on his bare chest, to give him a kiss. Leaning down our lips connect, mmmmm, I love kissing my boys.

I move back over to my lounger and take a seat. I'm kinda glad I have this drink now, the ice in it is keeping me cool. Fourteen shirtless guys from just toned to rippling muscles. How is it I'm the only female here. That girl was so stupid to do that to those guys. Not only are they good looking but sweet and protective too.

We all nibble on the food trays that are scattered across one of the out door tables, thanks to the kitchen staff in Victors house. All of us are now a few drinks in. I'm on my third and most of the guys are on to their 5th or 6th. Laughter is everywhere and everyone is smiling, including Owen. He seems so relaxed.

"Mother fuckers! It's time for some fucking truth or dare!!!!" Gabe yells from his perch on top of a chair.

Chairs are dragged into a rough circle on the large sandstone patio next to the pool. I'm sat between Luke and Raven, looking around the circle we all have happy lazy smiles, this was a very good idea tonight.
The truths were a little crazy and Raven didn't seem to have a filter when it came to questions.

"Raven, truth or dare?" Marc asked. "Dare. Show me what you got." Marc rubbed his chin and tapped the side of his face with a finger, a deep thinking face on. "I dare you to give North a lap dance."
"The fuck!" North shouts out. "What, you afraid of my sexiness West?" Raven grins at him. "No, I just don't want your hairy ass on me." "It's not hairy. I got waxed yesterday." At this a few drinks get sprayed from mouths. "See nice and smooth, no?" Raven has pulled down his pants and is showing his behind to North.  At this my eyes are covered and the smell of Spring soap floats around me. "You do not need to see that my darling." Owen whispers in my ear. Having a few drinks I now don't seem to be able to keep my thoughts in my head. "Was that a tattoo on his bum?" I must of said it louder then I thought since Raven answered me. "Yes little bird. Lips so people know where to kiss." I don't get it but I'm guessing the others do since they are laughing. Owen removes his hand and picks me up and places me on his lap as music starts. Deep base comes out of speakers surrounding us and Raven turns around and starts rubbing his behind on Norths lap. Luke next to me has his phone out recording every moment. My North Star does not look very happy. He finishes off his drink and by the end of his dance he's laughing and smacks Ravens bum. I don't think he was expecting it, since he jumped a bit.

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