Chapter 26

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At the Gala

Marinette: Did you really have to say step every time I walked up the next step on the stairs.

Felix: What kind of bodyguard with I be if I didn't ensure your safety all the time that would drop my rating really low.

Marinette: Who told you that I called you a bodyguard? I only ever said that to my mama, and pa. Oh no, when?

Felix: Just before you came downstairs at your place.

The camera man comes by and takes a few pictures.

Camera man: A few pictures for magazines. Smile, please.

Marinette: oh, of course.

Felix gets into a pose with her keeping his arm at a safe position around her waist as the photos are taken.

As the Gala continued on, eventually, the two Mysteries models got separated in the crowd as many wanted to talk to them individually and ask questions on themselves to figure out how the Springfest photo shoot is going on and maybe get the two to reveal their identities but of course our certain Mysteries weren't falling for it and knew how to dodge the bullets well. Later on, Felix and Marinette lost sight of each other as the room was big enough to put a lot of distance with everyone being at all areas in the Gala itself.

As Marinette was given a moment to breathe after answering so many questions and keeping up with so many conversations, a certain blond woman approaches her.

"Tiring, isn't it? All the conversations we have to keep up with to entertain others, " the woman says.

Marinette: Oh, not at all it not that bothersome to me.

"You don't have to worry about appearance with me. I am just making sure of something blossoming, " the woman says.

Marinette takes a closer look at the woman and realizes.

Marinette: Oh, you are Felix's mom. J am so sorry I'd not noticed until now. If you'd like, I can go call for you if you want to speak to him and tell me to meet outside where it is less crowded, and no one would recognize much.

Amelia: No need for that, dear. He doesn't even know I am in Paris at the moment. I will suprise him tomorrow morning.

Marinette: Is there anything you'd like to ask about how his stay is in Paris because I can assure you he is fine at school. He doesn't get into much trouble. He has made plenty of friends, and his grades are great.

Amelia: That good to hear. You know he made a bet with me that he wouldn't make any friends here in Paris just before he arrived here.

Marinette: Well, it is a good thing I told you that he has made friends, so now you know you won the bet, and he can't back out.

Amelia laughs at this. " No wonder you two work so well together. You know how to handle him."

Marinette: Well, he does the same for me more often than anyone else may think.

Amelia: I am sure he is taking good care of you.

Marinette: Well, he was very cautious with the stairs and my clumsiness when we entered the Gala.

Amelia: He is always like that looking out for others even though he acts all cold and closed up.

Marinette: Oh, we are all used to that appearance of his it is rather entertaining to watch when someone tries to approach him and they scuttle away from in a matter of seconds when he does one look that says don't even try me and my patience that I have left but when it comes to us there is nothing much he can do to try and get rid of us. He even compared us to glue sometimes  when we drag around to join us rather than letting him hide in the library reading books we take him out to have fun. He acts like we bother him, but we can all see he doesn't mind at all. We even go as far as texting him when he is at the Agreste mansion for hours. We would spam his phone with texts on the group chat.

Amelia: So that is what he meant by him being comfortable.

Amelia was about to respond with more words, but there was an alert to an Akuma close by around the building.

Marinette and Felix rush out towards the exit but bump into one another as they move to the exit, and the building begins to shake as someone maybe trying to break through from the outside. When the roof is finally ripped off slightly, it reveals to be the Golden fashion queen herself bigger in size as it appears Shadow moth may be using two miraculous at the same time or perhaps Mayura is out as well. Felix realizes there is not much time left to transform pulls Marinette with him.

Marinette: Felix, what are you doing?  You need to take cover or hide out somewhere...

Felix: Marinette, we don't have time for this. Okay, we need to transform and help these people get out here as we deal with the Akuma's.

Marinette: Felix, what are you talking about? (Marinette worried about Felix knowing her secret identity as Ladybug)

Felix: I am Chat Blanc, and you are Ladybug. Get the pictures now. Let's get to work then because these people can't fight this Akuma of themselves now can they.

Marinette: You are my partner.

Felix: Yes, now let's transform and save some lives, shall we. (He holds his hand out for her to grab onto, and as she looks at him, she smiles up at him, saying, " Let's get a move on Chaton," and she takes a hold of his hand as they run outside to find some where safe and away from all the cameras to transform.

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