Chapter 11

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Felix pov

The new Chat blanc that is all everyone talks about.

Did you see him? He is so cool?

Way better than the other Chat Noir?

So much cuter! The girls squeal at the entrance of school.

Every where you turn it's talk's of him. Him in his new superhero form of course but still him. He kept his face blank of emotion all trough out the day. Even going as far as going to the library to avoid all the whispers of Lila's talk to her brainless followers. It seems a group of three also had the same idea and were hidden in the library as well.

Marinette pov

Chloe: ridiculous utterly ridiculous. I can't take it anymore one more talk of Lila's adventures or sit down with the queen of England and I will throw up.

Nino: (murmurs in agreement) my brain hurts from all the brain cells I am losing from just listening to her rambling.

Marinette: I know I just feel like screaming out loud in frustration every time she opens her mouth to let out another lie yet again. Hey I have an idea why don't we spend the rest of the free periods here at school in the library playing Ultimate Mega Strike three on the school computers.

Nino: that's brilliant Marinette. Your a genius.

Marinette: thank you for the clarification to my genius mind and brilliant thinking.

Chloe: ah... I am not one for video games. I will just watch.

Nino: what? How can you not like video games. It's video games!

Marinette: we must change this.

Nino: I agree.

Marinette: Chloe welcome to game world where we will journey about till we find all the violence we need to fill ourselves up instead if committing murder and killing Lila or the rest of our brainless classmates.

Time skips to them being in the library.

Felix pov

The library seems like the only escape from that snake. Lila her name is, it's fitting for her sincing all she does is lie every time she opens her mouth. What's even more sorry is those imbeciles of classmates believing all her lies. Clara Nightingale stole her dance moves, how stupid are people to believe that. Clara Nightingale existed before her time and has never been to Italy before in her life. The girl comes up with such stupid lies in makes my brain burn listening to it all the time. I just hope reading some of these books in this library cool my brain down a bit and gives me back some sense of restrain. At least the library is a quit where I can get through to in my...

Back ground sound

"yes Chloe yes! You got it fling him. No no no kick him."

"Yiesh girl don't be so brutal on me"

"beat it dj boy. This is life and death here. Run or die"

"I am officially terrified for my life and we are just playing a video game"

Felix: what's all this noise. This is a library, a place of silence. Where people can study and be left alone. Damn it. (get's up to find the source of this racket)

When he makes his way to the entrance of the library then he see's them. His classmate's. To be more specific Chloe brat, that Nimo boy with the red cap and headphones and mystery model partner Marinette.

Felix approaches them: what are you guys doing?

Marinette: oh hi Felix, we didn't know you were in here.

Nino: hey new bro

Chloe: hi Fe

Felix: again I will say this what are you doing here?

Marinette: welll......

Nino: playing video games duh and this is the only place we can avoid Lila and her sheep as Marinette likes to call them.

Chloe: if we hear anymore of Lila's ranting I swear my brain will burst.

Marinette: so we came here to play video games and avoid them.

Felix: you two really don't like them do you (points to Chloe and Nino)

Chloe and Nino same time: defiantly not! I can't stand them!

Chloe and Nino look at each other shocked and then burst into laughter together.

Marinette: well then uhmm Felix what are you doing here? I mean shouldn't you be with Adrien and the rest.

Felix: I too can not stand the snake and the rest of the imbeciles that includes my cousin too.

Nino: well bro welcome to reality. Where if you are placed in our class and if you have a properly functioning brain you are considered a ... Hmmm

Chloe: outcast

Nino: yes! Outcast! Brilliant Chloe (this results in a slight dust of pink to form on Chloe cheeks at the compliment received from Nino)

Marinette: in other words we only have each other to trust and rely on here.

Felix: you three do know this a library right. Not a place to play games.

Nino: chill bro, we need a break from Lila and her goons so we turn to beating each other in video games. Takes some of the frustration out.

Chloe: it sure is working for me.

Marinette: you should try it Felix. It is fun.

Felix: no thank you I would rather do something more constructive with my time.

Nino: suit yourself but I plan staying alive or at least keeping my avatar alive.

Chloe: huh, we'll see I've already killed you three times. One more and i win.

Nino: and you say you have never played USM 3 before.

Chloe: I haven't I am pretending your avatar is Lila and I am killing it.

Nino: huh I should try that.

Marinette whispers to Felix: so you are not close with your cousin huh?

Felix: is it that obvious, I was trying so hard to hide it. ((note sarcasm)) 

Marinette: hmm, anyways we have another photo shoot scheduled tomorrow will you be there?

Felix: yes, of course but I must ask you of something.

Marinette: anything go ahead.

Felix: in exchange to me not saying anything to anyone. You must not tell anyone of me as a mystery model.

Marinette: wait no one knows your a model.

Felix: no with me I have always been kept out of the press view. Mother's orders.

Marinette: oh okay I understand. Our secret safe to each other. I promise.

For some unknown reason Felix felt he could trust Marinette as if he knew her his whole life. He of of course does not understand this feeling so he pushes it away till later resolve.

Chloe: hey love birds. You done whispering to each other, we have got to go bell gonna ring in four minutes.

Marinette blushes: wh...what lovebird?!

Felix: she meant herself and headphone boy.

Nino: what!?! Hold on there...

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