Chapter 5

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Marinette pov

"Definitely a sly boy. It's in his eyes. Don't you agree Tikki" Marinette says to her red kwarmi as she flies out of her bag.

"Yes Marinette, I must agree he is different from the rest of your classmates. More of his own mind than a follower of others. He will be very interesting to watch this year." Tikki says.

"Well, I guess we just have to wait and watch all the fun happen. I should double check some of my designs for uncle Jagged before I hand them over on Thursday. If you want anything to eat, I have refilled your jar of cookies" Marinette says.

"Thank you, Marinette," Tikki says as she flies over to the jar and takes a bite on one of the macaroons.

This goes on for a while Marinette doing some studies and sketching in her design pad. This is until their is a loud bang coming from outside somewhere in the streets of Paris.

"Well Tikki looks like that's our call into duty. You ready?" Marinette says.

"I am always ready Mari. Lets go save Paris." Tikki responds.

Marinette transforms and jumps of from her room balcony.

Adrien pov (as soon as he arrives home)

"Well Plagg, that was an eventful day wasn't it. Everyone talking about how Felix chose to sit next to Marinette in class. Quite fun to watch everything unfold into so much drama. Ha" Adrien says as Plagg flies out of his bag and goes sit by the window. He does this a lot now. Plagg sits by the window as a way to keep distance from his holder.

Adrien is no longer. He is not the same boy I first met years ago. He is no longer my holder. I don't feel a connection with him. The bond was broken. It's as if he is gone, never to be reached again gone from everyone's reach. Drifted off to nowhere. Plagg thinks in his mind as Adrien goes on about how his classmates are so dumb and how brilliant Lila is to have all of them wrapped around her fingers. This goes on for a while as Adrien draws on with his words and Plagg remaining silent throughout it.

This is until the sound of a building crashing down flows through Paris. Alerting to yet another akuma attack. Adrien suits up with no intention on helping Ladybug. Just to go and watch things unfold.

Marinette pov

Strong man is akumatized and turned into a giant destroying all the buildings around him. Great of course a professional boxer gets akumatized on this peaceful day of mines. Well peaceful as it can get with Lila and her sheep in my life as well.

Where can the akuma be?

Just then i notice a figure to my side. Chat noir of course just sits there on a nearby roof not bothering to help. It's been like this for months now. Him not showing up at all to missions or just sitting around never doing anything to help if he ever did show up. I have tried talking to him but he just looks at me with not a care in the world. He is slipping away and I don't know how to get him back.

I had to push all these thoughts away because I needed to pay more attention to the akuma in front of me and find a way to defeat it. I was so busy fending strong man off and trying to locate where the akuma may be hidden that I didn't notice strong man throw a punch at me from the left and I went flying with my back hitting a nearby wall of one of the solid buildings. 

I am going to gain a lot more bruises just trying to defeat this one akumatized victim, if i don't find the akumatized butterfly soon. Ahhh, damn it my leg is wounded. This only gonna get worse i just hope Chat noir comes to his sense's and joins in before I actually get killed in this mission.

Three hours later.

Finally, I managed to defeat strong man and capture the akuma. Thanks to the miraculous ladybug charm the city of Paris is restored and my wounds are fully healed. I look up to the building Chat noir was sitting on before to see him still sitting there in the exact same spot with a proud smile in his face.

She slung up to the same roof top, ready to give him a piece of her mind.

"What is wrong with you chat?! , I nearly died fighting this last akuma and all you did was sit up here on this roof top and watch me get beaten up." Marinette screams at him so loud that even the people below on the ground below could here.

She waited for him to respond but he never said anything he just sat there looking out to the sky.

"Why? Why? When did i lose my noir?" Marinette says as she lets out a few tears fall down her face.

Chat noir finally speaks after hearing her last few words release. "your Chat noir lost. I was never yours Ladybug. You made that clear with all the times you rejected me. All the times I poured my heart out to you and you just pushed me away, saying you are in love with someone else. I don't think you are worthy enough for love or to even be loved by someone as great as me or anybody at all. All you do is walk around with your head held up high like your are the best of us. You always get the spot light and I am just the sidekick. Everyone just loves Ladybug right no one cares for little old Chat noir right I am just an extra ball in the game to kick around and toss over like nothing. You know what I am done. I am done being Chat noir. All I ever do is follow you around begging for attention from you and i only get pushed off like extra weight pulling you down."

"Don't say that. Don't you dare. I care for you chat. I always cared for you ever since we first met. I always have. But..." Marinette is interrupted with Chat telling her to just get lost and never to speak to him again and that he deserves better.

Marinette went home heartbroken at the loss of her partner. Her world is falling apart. Her whole life shattering around her and there is no one to help comfort her other than Tikki. Tikki flies over to her as she Marinette de-transforms and tries her best to ease Marinette pain but there is only so much, she can do.

When Marinette parents call her down to dinner. They don't even notice the pain in her bluebell eyes or how her once happy electric eyes turn to cold ice orbs.

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