Chapter 24

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Kim pov

I can't take this anymore. I know Lila is lying, and I am going to tell her of right now because she is just sitting there putting hotel lotion on her hands and doing absolutely nothing to help.

As I make a move towards her, I see Lila walking off with Alya towards the elevator, and this just brings me to the limit. " Are you kidding me? You are just gonna walk off and leave me to do all the work alone by myself, and Alya, shouldn't you be helping your partner with your task."

Alya: phuh, like I wanna continue doing that task any longer. Do you know how hard it is to be a golfer in a hotel. Everyone is just so picky and demanding. I don't even have to do any of this work anyway Lila got Mr covered I am going to be a reporter at DEO news here in Paris because Lila promised she would introduce me to her aunt who works up in higher management and I would be given a job within seconds.

Kim: What is wrong with you? You think life is just gonna go the way you see it. I mean, do you even realize what you are saying right now. Do you ever think before you speak? Life is never that easy. You have to work hard to achieve goals and dreams.

Alya: Not me or Lila. we gave everything laid out, girl , like a red carpet to a Gala.

Kim: she is lying to you. Lila is a liar. She can't promise you anything she is lying! Us this why you hurt Marinette so you can everything handed to you just like that by Lila

Lila started to cry.

Alya: What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? Are you hurting Lila? What is it now you siding with Marinette? Did she get her claws sunk into you, too? that bloody...

Kim: Stop it! Marinette has done nothing wrong it was you who caused this at first I didn't believe Lila but when you turned against Marinette so fast I chose to side with you lot I thought you the journalist in our class you would know the truth but I was wrong you don't even know the true meaning of the word truth.

Alya: So what now you want to side with Mari-trash...

Kim: Don't call her that! Marinette did everything for us whenever we were stuck in a sticky situation, or if we didn't believe we reached our goals, she would push us to achieve it. She encouraged me yo pursue my crush. She even encouraged Ivan to pursue Mylene. She is the one who made the banner for Alix and my race, or did you suddenly forget all she has done for us now that Lila filled us with all her lies. I mean, Alya, didn't she get you an interview with Ladybug!

Alya: Oh, please, one interview with Ladybug was nothing...

Kim: That interview got you over 3 million watchers and just as many new followers for your blog. I remember this because you wouldn't stop bragging about it for months.

Alya was quiet for a while until she said.

Alya: So what Marinette only for g9t me one interview with her Lila can get a whole lot interviews with both Ladybug and Chat noir.

Kim: Chat Blanc, Chat Noir is no more. we all saw how he treated Ladybug on those last missions they had together. He abandoned her just like we all Marinette in her time of need. She was our friend, and we turned our back on her for a few lousy lies.

As these three are fighting in the hallway, they don't take notice of the two standbys who are listening in.

Felix whispers to Marinette: "So this is rather entertaining, don't you think miss Dupien Cheng?"

Marinette: I am just wondering where I put that banner I made for that race.

Felix: Out of everything, Mister Le Chen, that's what you pick out to think about at this moment

Marinette: Hey, I was listening to rest. I am just wondering about the banner. I used some crafty work on it, too.

Back to the trio argument.

Alya: You know what? I don't care about Marinette. She is not my friend anymore. Lila is

Kim: Yeah, you are right. You two deserve each other.

Lila: Thank you Kim that is to be nice of to say more if you don't mind. We are off to spend time on the roof. ( whereMarinetteandFelix assigned duty is she probably wants to cause trouble)

They didn't even wait for is reply they just left. Once they were gone, Marinette and Felix came out from their listening place.

Felix: Well, that was entertaining.

Kim: You heard all of that?

Marinette: Not all but most of it, so how many chores do you have left, and what can we help out with?

Kim: You do realize Alya and Lila are going up to the roof, which is your duty area rigth?

Marinette: Yes, we know why. Do you ask?

Kim: Because Lila is probably gonna cause a mess up in your area and blame in on you.

Felix: This is why we called Miss Mendelieve and a few hotel staff members to have a look at our task being completed a while ago.

Marinette: So if anything goes wrong, we'll it is not our problem it's theirs.

Kim: You two are dangerous together. It's looks like you always got everything planned for revenge.

Marinette: Well, not always. Sometimes, we just think up a plan in the moment.

Felix: Less talking more, completing chores.

Marinette: On it boss anymore orders?

Felix. Yes, actually, inform Kim he will be sitting with us on the bus when we leave to return to school or the snake and the sheep will devour him on the trip back.

Marinette: Oh, right, you are forgiven.

Kim: Just like that? After everything I have done.

Marinette: Yup, now on to the chores

Kim: wait seriously you forgave me just like that?

Felix: she does this all the time.

Kim: Huh!

So, on the way out of the hotel, after everyone completed their task. Well, everyone except for Lila and Alya, they have to come back on Saturday and do all the chores for the day because of the mess they made on the roof. As for the Miraculous team, well, they have a completed team now.

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