Chapter 12

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Lila pov

Felix Graham Devanily. Sighs he is just so handsome and is way more richer then Adrien. Plus he seems to be way more of attractive then Adrien and he is an heir to the Graham Legacy. He has ties everywhere even owns their own studio' in fashion district's. If I could get my hands on him i would be set for life but he is always so quite and all my usual moves ain't impressing him in the slightest, looks like this girl has to up her game a bit more.

Adrien pov

Felix seems to be fitting in well with the school's schedule and study methods but he is always trying to avoid the class. What is even worse is i just lost my bro today. I mean why didn't Nino keep his mouth shut like I told him to.


After school from two days ago.

Nino: Hey bro can I ask you something?

Adrien: sure anything man.

Nino: uhmm, what do think about Alya lately? I mean her behavior.

Adrien: she is okay i guess.

Nino: yaa but all she does is snap at everyone like Lila does and... well she isn't the same as before when ....

Adrien: woah... woah hold it right there. What's wrong with it. It's not like it's hurting anyone okay, just take the high road.

Nino: but...

Adrien: Nino just take the high road. Look how you can take her out to the zoo or something that might work things out okay.  (looks at his watch) sorry bro I have to go i have another photoshoot in half an hour.

When Adrien left the room Nino says.

Nino: but i did ask her out on a date. All she said was I was to cheap and phatetic and that she rather spend time with Lila than waste time on me.

Flash back end

If Nino had just listened to my advice he wouldn't of lost Alya.

Later on the present day.

Ladybug is on patrol with Chat and they end it with being right at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Ladybug: so how are you with this new Superhero life and all?

Chat Blanc: it's refreshing, getting to sneak around and go out to save people and fight besides the one and only Ladybug. It's a new leaf for me.

Ladybug: well I am flattered by your words and it is good to see you have so much acceptance to this. When I first became Ladybug during the Stone heart incident, I wasn't very agreeable to this whole superhero life but after defeating my first akuma I understood why I was chosen. My will is like yours. Our will to protect others, to protect the citizens of Paris. Even though we don't have to take on the responsibility we do.

Chat Blanc: i didn't know that, life was like this for you and the old Chat Noir before. I honestly couldn't of cared less before now that is.

Ladybug: (laughs) it's okay I'd understand if I was like that before to. It makes sense to think that way after awhile.

They just spend a few more minutes together before speaking again

Ladybug: it never ceases to amaze me. The beauty of the night in Paris just in these moments up here. Where we can see it so clear.

Chat Blanc: I agree. It is an amazing view from up here. The lights that are out only makes it more...

Marinette: alive.

Chat Blanc: indeed it does.

The next day.

Felix pov.

The first half of todays lesson's have just ended and as the class slowly fills out i remain to pack my bag neatly and organize my notes.

This of course is where my problem begins as well. The Ombre haired girl with the bad hairstyle approaches me. What was her name again ahhh yes Lie-la.

Lila: hello Felix. That's how you say your name right? I just wanted to formally welcome you to the class. I am sorry i couldn't do so before properly. I was afraid of what Marinette would do to me for talking to you. She is a bully you see. She is a very unkind and cruel person. She even beats me for fun.

Felix: well as fun as that sounds i must leave before my brain shuts down from listening to any more of your lies.

Lila: wh-what! No no no you got it wrong Marinette is the liar here. She physically assaults me everyday. She leaves bruises on me.

Felix: stop right there. Look i have a schedule to keep and i don't have time for your range of lies so just leave me and i won't bother with you or your sheep.
(with that he exists the classroom and his way to the studio. Where his and Marinette next shooting is taking place. Of course they both excused from school by their Mother's till the sixth period of the day in school.)

In the studio.

Vincent: ahh my models, you have arrived just on time. Come, come, you must get ready for todays shoot you must look mmhwwaa.

Felix just walks away to the change room. While Marinette says hi to some people before going and changing herself.

During the photo shoot.

Marinette: so Felix, can i ask you something?

Felix: i see no harm it, so you may.

Marinette: well... Can you speak to Adrien for me? I just need you to tell him that... That i don't to be...

Felix: you want me to tell him you have feelings for him.

Marinette: no no no....! I hate him! He is just a coward to me. He has no backbone to stand up for others and he... He is just ughhh. Neverminded i was just going to ask you to tell him to leave me alone before i put up a restraining order against him.

Felix was stunned at her words and could only look at her with shock written all his face. He quickly composed himself and asked her why.

Felix: why would you... Wait i thought you were in love with him the. The... the video you said you lov....

Marinette: what...what video?

Felix: the video you had sent to Adrien saying "I love you "your love confession video from the last time i caused a little.... He was cut of by Marinette.

Marinette: that was a mistake. One i will never make again. Like i was told once before just a few weeks back i am not good enough for love or to ever be loved by another and that is how my life will be. Empty, and i have accepted it.

Felix is even in more of a state of shock to her words and evens a slight pang of pain form within him when he realizes her words from her to how the light in her eyes have become cold and dull. All the joy within just... Gone now lifeless like hi...

Marinette: lets get going the photo shoot is over and we have to get back to school.

She walks away leaving Felix cemented to the spot he stands in thinking of who would ever cause such pain to a girl in a way that would make her so defeated and almost broken. When he got back to the change room he got changed into his usual clothes quickly wanting to get back to Marinette faster and just get her to talk to him. He doesn't know why but he just couldn't let her remain this way so shattered and meaningless, he needed to restore some light within in her. To bring back the girl from her hollow of emptiness.


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