Chapter 10

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Akuma alert

This is Nadya Chmark and I am here live today to bring you news on yet another akuma with not one but two villain's Lady Wi-Fi and Volpina. This sure is going to be a tricky battle for Ladybug alone with Shadow moth new choice of super villain's. Lets just hope Chat Noir has come to his sense and won't leave Ladybug to handle this alone.

Felix pov

Great just when i am exiting school a lamp post has to fall on Gorilla's car from the akuma attack. Guess i will have to wait for Ladybug lucky charm to fix this and for the battle to be over i will wait in the library till then at least it's quiter there then on the streets and i can't stand being around Adrien without the urge to slap him across the face like he hurt Marinette before.

Just as I am reading something like a black mouse flies in front my face and slips a ring on finger saying I need to be the new holder to the black cat miraculous and help Ladybug fight of akuma's and defeat Shadow moth. With a quick explanation to Felix to why he was chosen and how to use the powers Felix was out of there.

Plagg Claws out!

Plagg Claws out!

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Marinette pov

This is to hard to battle on my own. I can't even slip away to retrieve another miraculous to recruit someone for help. I hope Tikki can heal my bruises after this mission is finally over and i defeat these akuma's.

While she is hiding from Volpina and Lady Wi-Fi on a nearby roof top trying to locate where the akuma's are hidden on the two akumatized victims, she missed to notice the black figure approaching her from far but when she did take notice to him she acted oblivious to his approach and stayed in position.

She expected the figure to attack her but instead it got on it's knees and spoke to her.

"ladybug, nice to see you again"

Marinette: who are you? You are not the old Chat Noir i had to work with. Did you. Wait what of Plagg? Is he okay? Did you steal the miraculous of Chat noir?

Felix/ new black chat: so many questions all at once Ladybug but it's understandable you are looking out for the flying bug.

Marinette/ Ladybug: his name is Plagg and he is not a bug he is a kwarmi!

Felix / new black cat: he came to me Plagg. He said I was the new chosen holder to the black cat miraculous. He just slipped the ring on my finger and gave a quick briefing. He has apparently been watching me for awhile in Paris. He said he felt a connection. A bond to me. Look if you don't want me as your new partner, I understand... He didn't get to finish his sentence because Volpina had struck illusion bombs at them from above and they had to get out of their fast.

As the fighting began it was full chaos with having new a chat to battle of akumas their were mummers everywhere. Even akumatized Alya had something to say about it.

Lady Wi-Fi / Alya: awww, looks lile Ladybug got herself a new kitten from the pet store. What's wrong with the old one to boring now, no love anymore.

Volpina/ Lila: did kitty break your heart. Find out he can't love you so he tossed you aside like trash. Ha ! Kind of like Marinette trash.

Marinette was hurt but she didn't show it. She hid it behind her mask. Her partner on the other hand hit them both with baton knocking them straight center in the face. Giving Ladybug the opportunity to take Lila's bracelet and Alya's phone to smash it and release the akumatized butterfly and dark feather. Once de-devilized they set of from the roof top. Marinette moved quickly wanting to avoid her former friend and now bully alongside the wretched lair. Just as her feet hit the ground beside her new partner they were swarmed by press all wanting to know the identity of the new Black cat miraculous holder, the new superhero partner. They were cornered from all sides. Each reporter screaming out a question.

Ladybug who is your new partner?

What happened to the old Chat superhero?

Where is Chat Noir?

Did the old Chat Noir finally remove himself from the team?

What's your identity?

What should we call you?

Is Paris in safe hands with you?

Ladybug/ Marinette: okay, okay i know you all want answers but maybe give him some space first.

A kid from the crowd approached them: are you our new superhero mister?

Felix: uhmmm

Ladybug approach him from behind and whispers in his ears. You have proved yourself out there. You had my back. You deserve this if you want the positions it's yours. You just have to chose a name to go by.

Felix: I-...I don't know. I am lost at this. I didn't...

Ladybug/ Marinette: it's fine just breath. I am here.

Felix does as she says as her presence calms him and takes a few breaths in and out. Till an idea comes to him. Call me Chat Blanc and yes I shall take the same vow as Ladybug. To have her back and to protect Paris from it's terror of Shadow moth. I will help Ladybug restore the light once again.

Marinette was amazed by his words and how well he had really handled situation. No puns, no stupid jokes. Just strong courage burried within each word of truth.

When their miraculous were about to de-transform. They went to a cleared of rooftop and de-transformed either side of a wall.

Marinette/ Ladybug: so Chat Blanc huh.

Felix/ Chat Blanc: it just came to me.

Marinette/ Ladybug: I like it.

Felix/ Chat Blanc: really, it doesn't sound stupid to you?

Marinette/ Ladybug: no, why would it? It sound courageous and strong. It suits you.

Felix/ Chat Blanc: thank you Ladybug for your words.

Marinette/ Ladybug: no problem

Felix/ Chat Blanc: so you are truly fine with this. I mean I replaced your partner Chat Noir. Don't you feel enraged with me just showing up with the black cat miraculous like this in the middle of a battle

Marinette/ Ladybug: no, no not at all. You saved me today. Yes I was a bit shocked by you just showing up like this. I mean I would of liked a heads up from Plagg.

Plagg: hey give me a break. You were all alone the old Chat abandoned you. I wasn't going to leave you to fight alone today or ever again, I just felt the connection to him today so i followed it. Kind of like following the scent of Cambert cheese only less heavenly more pull force to the boy a bond. I was going to talk you first Ladybug I just I needed time.

Marinette: I understand, if you trust him. I guess I trust him as well.

Tikki: me too.

Marinette: hey Chat Blanc!?

Felix: yes?

Marinette: stay strong and look after Plagg for me okay!

Felix: of course Ladybug.

They said their goodbyes transformed back and went their separate ways.

In Marinette's room as she enters  through her trap door and de-transforms.

Tikki: Marinette are you sure about this? I mean we don't even know who he is. How can we trust him?

Marinette: I don't know Tikki, I just connect with him. He is not like the other... not like the old Chat. I feel like I can trust him.

Tikki: okay, if you say so. Then i trust in you Marinette.

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