Chapter 14

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Marinette pov

Can you believe it Tikki. I...i my classmates are finally using their brains to see through Lila's lies. I never thought I'd see this day coming.

Tikki: yes Marinette it most certainly is about time for you to gain some of your old friends back.

Marinette: speaking of this reminds me . I got to talk with Felix for a bit. Maybe i should call him.

Felix pov

After he got back to the manor and gave Plagg his cheese to quite his whining. He began his homework when his cellphone rang.

Marinette: hey Felix, i hope i am not bothering you or anything.

Felix: not at all Marinette. I just got back to the Manor and plan to stay in my room to avoid Agreste through out the day. He is quit a nuisance after all.

Marinette: oh all right then. I... Uhhm... i just wanted to thank you for earlier. In the class when you stood up for me.

Felix: it was no problem at all. You shouldn't be thanking me for just admitting the truth.

Marinette: i know but still thank you Felix.

Felix: of course Marinette

Moment of silence between the two

Marinette: she is trying to get to you isn't she i mean. She is practically clawing for a place next to you now.

Felix: i have taken notice but thanks to some quick thinking her plan back fired.

Marinette: that's not the only thing back firing with her.

Felix: what do you mean?

Marinette: her lies are slipping. There are to many cracks to them now some our classmates just apologized to me today.

Felix: hmmp and here i thought they were always going to lack in braincell usage and follow like slaves to miss Rossi every word.

Marinette: me as well.

Felix: Marinette there was something i was meaning to ask you earlier on and i am not one to put things of for very long period of time.

Marinette: sure what is it.

Felix: well why you. Why did miss Rossi spefically attack you.

Marinette: simple because i saw through all her lies it was to easy and no one else but me and Adrien had taken notice to it. Adrien on the other always said to keep quite that her lies weren't hurting anyone. To me all of Lila lies is destroying the class the ones that believe the lies that is. It's making them soft and their lives are falling apart. She is destroying their futures with all her fake promises and i just couldn't stand by and watch it happen so i spoke up and well more lies landed against me then it spread to my parents bakery losing customers and well here i am now. This me here and now all because of a few fake cruel lies. I am her target because she wishes to break me what she is failing to realize is that i will not go down so easily and not with out a fight.

Felix was shocked at her out burst but also at the same time amazed by her strength and courage.

Marinette: well then Felix, i will let you go back to your time alone and once again thank you, thank you Felix for your help.

When the call had ended Felix found himself longing to see her face to just here sweet melody voice again. He had never felt this way about anyone before but he knows this for sure, yet again Marinette Dupein Cheng is something different and he likes that about her. She has a spark, a flame that just keeps on burning that not even water can put it out because it would just boil due to the fire and it being alive and from within that very own Bluenette herself. She is a mystery to him. One that he hopes to find more about.

Who knows maybe Felix already found love in Paris after all?

The next day
Marinette pov

"Marinette wake up your alarm been going of for fifteen minutes already!" Mrs Sabinen Dupein Cheng yelled out for her daughter to hear but what she didn't know was Marinette was already awake and sitting on her chaise thinking about what the present day holds in her sted.

She quickly joined her Mama and Papa for breakfast then rushed of to school. When she finally arrived she just went to her homeroom class and sat in her new seat at the front of the class and placed some earphones in and listened to her playlist to pass the time. She never acknowledge anyone who came to class just continued listening to her playlist and did some drawings in her new sketch pad. The only thing that broke her out her inner moment and being lost in her design was when she felt some one staring at her. She knew who it was, it was her seatmate Felix she didn't mind, his stare wasn't one of a glare sorts. It felt calming almost relieving as if some one having her back in a moment of risk.

As she removes her ear plugs to greet him, he speaks up first.

Felix: you have talent. Your design is very creative. The strokes on the dress and fitting it is shows it is a look of simplicity and not an overdue.

Marinette: uhhh... T.t.thank you

Felix: hmmm, no reason to thank me, i am just speaking out my honest opinion. You have talent and real skill. I have had most my life spent around creators especially in the fashion industries and with designer, so to see a design like this so well thought of i merely just made a choice to comment on it.

Marinette: i... I don't know what to say. I am a bit surprise as all but again thank...

Miss Bustier walks

Class: Good morning miss Bustier.

Miss Bustier: good morning class. I hope you are well and ready to start the day off with some of our novel work and essay writing.

And that is how the day drowned out lesson after lesson till lunch break comes by. Everyone heads of to their lockers to retrieve the lunches and then head of to the Cafeteria.

I wasn't planning on going to eat in the Cafeteria today but of course Chloe comes and pulls me away with Nino to sit at the edge of the Cafeteria to eat together.

Chloe: see isn't this great all of us one table away from the lair and her mindless sheep.

Nino: i guess so

Marinette: i rather not be here at all.

Chloe: oh quite sulking and just eat.

Marinette sigh and just eats her Croissants while Chloe goes on talking about something with a new magazine she saw. She just tunes it out this is until she beckons someone over to their table.

Chloe: Felix over here come sit with us.

He of course seems reluctant at first seeing as he always like to remain alone but comes over to sit with them in the end.

Felix of course sit right next to Marinette and whispers in her ears.

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