Chapter 15

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Felix pov

Ugh, if it isn't one half of the love bird who is calling me over to sit and lunch with them. If it wasn't to the fact that my driver couldn't pick me up i wouldn't even of stepped into the cafeteria. Seeing as i would rather not make a scene and want to ignore the sausage hairstyle girl i went over to their table and sat beside Dupien Cheng. Their is something about her she is always on guard for herself and never seems to enjoy much of anyone's jokes. Sure she'd put a slight smile but no laughter. Her smile it never reaches to her eyes, my theory to the cause of this being that Rossi girl. When she had turned all the Bluenette friends against her it left her broken but not destroyed completely. She still holds a spark in her. I don't understand why and i can't seem to even comprehend this slight need of being protective to the petite girl. Sure she is polite and nice, i also must admit quite beautiful although enough to my tempt my demeanor. She stir's a change in me a change i do not wish to have surrounding me.

After my quick inner analysis of the petite Bluenette i had taken notice to the lying fox and a few of her sheep coming to us. At instinct i lean over to whisper a fair warning to my seat partner.

Alya: how could you Marinette. Why do you have to be so cruel to Lila as to steal her lunch.

Rose: Marinette stop being so mean and give it back, Lila is going to go hungry otherwise.

Chloe: ughh ridiculous this utterly ridiculous.

Nino: have to agree with you on that note.

Alya of course is hurt by seeing her ex-boyfriend getting on just fine without her.

Julika, Nathaniel and Alix approach from behind and begin to speak.

Alix: back off and leave Mari alone she hasn't done anything wrong.

Nathaniel: why would she even steal Lila lunch and how could she of done it if she's been around in the class since morning.

Julika: i think we as Marinette friends can justify Marinette for never having done something like stealing another persons lunch.

Rose gasps : J-Julika?

Alya: you three are siding with the bullies.

Alix: Marinette is no bully.

Nathaniel: she is kind, caring and a supportive person. A true loyal friend!

Julika: Marinette innocent. We know that now and yes we on our true friends side.

Rose: Julika noooo don"t do this please. Lila is

Julika: a liar. She a liar.

Alix: now beat it before i throw my lunch at you.

They scatter off in shock and anger. Unbeknownst to most this was a start to choas and unity in the next passing moment to come.

Alix: hey guys, uhh can we join you.

Chloe and Nino same time: sure why not. You have functioning brains after all. (blush)

After all being seated.

Nathaniel: soooo...

Alix: who wants to go skating on Saturday?

Chloe: skating?

Alix: yup, Skating!

Chloe: i am not taking these heals of to put smelly skates on my feet.

Marinette giggles with a few others at the table with Felix being an exception though he just kept a straight face.

Marinette: sure why not. It will be fun to connect with one another again after ... (she of course did not get to finish her sentence because a group of akumatized people came into the cafeteria ruining the moment.

Marinette and Felix (mutter): i need to find a place and transform now.

Nino: this is going to be a though one for Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Blanc to deal with. Their is at least four of them akumatized.

Marinette inner thought: he is right me and Chat are gonna need help for this one.

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