Chapter 23

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Marinette and Felix were assigned the tidying up of the last floor as well as the roof top area.

Juluka and Nathaniel were assigned to assist in table setting in the dinner hall.

Alix and Max were assigned to help in the food storage area in the kitchen.

Nino and Chloe were assigned the reception area. (Of course a group of hotel worker took a hell of a lot of time and trouble in actually waking up Miss Bourgeois and getting her out of bed)

Adrien and Alya were assigned as hotel golfers, well that is gonna be a whole load of fun for them (lol).

Kim and Lila were assigned to room set up on level two but of course Lila won't be doing anything. 

The rest of the class were also given their tasks and sent of to complete it.


Marinette: how do you think the rest are holding up with their given tasks. I mean Kim is stuck with Lila which means she probably left him to do everything by himself.

Felix: I am sure everything is okay but if you are really worried which don't deny by the way i can see the concern all over your face we can both go help le Chen (Kim surname) out when we finish our task.

Marinette: you don't have to trouble yourself I can just go help him myself and you can go back to the rest of our group.

Felix: i am coming with you end of discussion now what your plans for our upcoming Gala that we have to attend next month.

Marinette: oh I am so excited I saw the dress that I am planned to wear and it like a...

Felix: why don't you wear one of your own designs to the Gala?

Marinette: w-w-what?!

Felix: I said...

Marinette: I heard you but I can't just do that I signed a contract remember.

Felix: yes I am very well aware of that miss Dupien Cheng but surely you could reason out that it would be a good plan to talk with Xavier and the team about your design I mean you must if already told them about your designs correct l.

Marinette: not correct for several reasons. Number one stop calling me  by my last name and start calling me by my first name again. We are not strangers or random classmates we are friends. Number two are you crazy or did you hit your head in the elevator or something why would tell Xavier and the team about my designs I am not a professional I am not even a qualified designer yet atleast not in the eyes of...

Felix: stop right there, let me ask you something? Did you design for Jagged Stone?

Marinette: yes, but...

Felix: not finished, did you design a hat for my uncle design competition and win the same hat that even Chloe tried to copy to win?

Marinette: yes but...

Felix: still not finished did that same hat get acknowledged by miss Bourgeois, Chloe own mother?

Marinette: yes...

Felix: and you think you can still stand there and tell me you are not a professional or you are not qualified enough.

Marinette was silent.

Felix: Marinette you have talent real talent that I will anything to make you show the rest of the world to see as well. I have lived my entire life in the industry of film and fashion my family business and cooperation are based on these industries and I can tell you one thing for sure Marinette your design are nothing like their. Your design are you, it your work, your creativity and it astonishing. You have to believe in yourself Marinette because I sure as well do and so does your... our friends do. Heck the whole world loves your designs for Jagged Stone.

Marinette of course didn't know what to say so of course she just fainted. (I am kidding she is just fine)

Marinette: I didn't know you thought my designs were that good.

Felix: their are not just good. Their are going to be page turners in the fashion industries.

Marinette: you really believe that?

Felix: would I of said it out loud for nothing if I didn't?

Marinette: thank you Felix.

Felix: if you really wanna thank Mr show up in one of your own designs to the Gala.

Marinette: alongside you my fellow mystery

Felix: alongside me My fellow mystery.

With Alix and Max

Max: should we stock the sugar in the cupboard or storage room.

Alix: stock the small one in the cupboard and the rest in the storage room just to be sure.

Max: correct

Alix: tell me something Max do you believe her?

Max: if we are talking about Lila then I one hundred percent don't believe he.

Alix: then why hang out with them because I don't think Marinette will forgive me I said a lot of bad things to her after the game I built got stolen and throw in the trash at the back of school and Lila accused her I was just so angry at ten time and when I finally got home I saw the footage that my AI Markov showed Mr footage of Marinette not being anywhere near the game when it was taken. After that I slowly started piecing together and found out the truth.

Alix: hmm, well it a good thing I just recorded everything you just said and sent to the group Marinette response as predicted was -she forgives you and that you still her tech man- weird nickname by the way but I like it and Chloe texted -you better join us for lunch from no on and give MARIBEAR a proper formal apology. Marinette response
-is formal apology not needed already forgiven and Markov I say hi-

Max: how many more text are you going to read out

Alix: I know there I'd another more I am just gonna add you to the group so you can see for yourself. I will be to tired out to read the rest of Chloé and Marinette paragraph argument and I haven't even read out Juleka and Nathaniel response. Oh Luka texted to...

With Felix and Marinette on the rooftop setting up chairs.

Marinette: all done

Felix: look like

Marinette: we should head...

Felix: and help Chen I am sure is way behind on work single handle with Lila not being of any assist.

Marinette: probably but Kim is naturally fast though he does work out a lot.

Felix: debatable

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