Chapter 16

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Felix pov

Ladybug better get here soon or i might not be able to find a gap in to transform and join the fight in Chat Blanc form.

Marinette: Lady wi-fi, also looks like Rose and Kim but they got new akumatized forms. Ohh just great Volpina!

Nino: hope Ladybug and Chat get here soon i still have lunch to actually finish.

Chloe: seriously that is what you thinking about right now.

Nino: what don't jufge man's gotta eat.

Chloe: ridiculous.

Alix: you guys are cute together.

Julika and Nathaniel murmur in agreement.

Chloe: wh.wh.what? No! No! No

Nino: hold a minute! We are not even together at all. We... Urrr. We are just urr...

Chloe: duo. Uhhh duo of newly matched friends.

Felix and Marinette murmur: newly matched indeed.

Julika: what was that? $she asks Felix and Marinette)

Marinette: ohhh ohhhh nothing.

Felix just stays quite planning a way out.

Volpina: oh Maritrash. Ohh sorry i mean Marinette. Where are you. Me and my friends have something to share with you and the rest of the losers. Oh my bad i mean rest of your friends.

Julika: look in the mirror, you'll see a real true loser.

Nathaniel: Julika!

Julika: what just being honest.

Chloe: very honest at that too

Marinette and Felix same time: we need a diversion/ distraction. (look towards each other surprised. Then brush it of)

Nino: what do youbhave in mind.

Alix: hmm what's the plan.

Marinette: we need to keep them here long enough to give Ladybug and Chat a chance to box them in so... (doesn't get to finish because well)

Adrien intrudes and steps out of his hiding place.

Adrien: hey guys maybe we can talk this out. No one has to get hurt. After all this was Marinette doing so just take her.

Felix: that idiot!

Chloe: brainless retard. How can he do that selling Marinette out like that.

Nino: not cool bro, not cool at all

While Adrien talking to the akumatized gang. Marinette and Felix sneak of in different directions to go transform but of course they get caught by Volpina Lila akumatized form.

Volpina: where do think you two are going?

Felix: away from you and the rest of your sheep.

Marinette: get lost Lila or should i saw fake Rena...

Volpina: ah ah no, no, no not so fast i want to have a little fun with you two.

Volpina blows whistle and creates a fake solid version of her and Ladybug.

Volpina: now i will leave you two verse that while i go after your friends who just as helpless as you two are.

Marinette inner thoughts: great i am battling myself.

Felix inner thoughts: ugh why do i have to battle the bad hair girl.

Felix inner thoughts: ugh why do i have to battle the bad hair girl

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