Chapter 17

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Ladybug pov

Ladybug: Alright now that the team is lined up we can move ahead with the plan but after the akuma attack is over we meet up again at the back of this school okay we will only have a few minutes before we transform but it is important so don't forget. Now Tigeres (which is Juleka) and Sly fox (which is Nathaniel) you will figth of Kim akumatized form. Pollen Queen and Carepiege you will handle Rose akumatized form and me and Chat will take Volpina and Lady Wi-fi.

The rabbit miraculous Bunnix will observe and jump in when needed alright.

Teams response: got it, mmhhm, understood, yes

Chat Blanc: good let's get a move on.

Let's just say major sucess all the members with the new editions to the miraculous team as well were amazing. They didn't even need much time to take out their tasked akumatized villian. Each group managed just well with their paired partners even the citizens of Paris agreed and they had seen it happen on news with Nadia Chamack.

Back of school.

Ladybug: okay i am going to make this as simple and quick as possible to each of you here and now. (Sighs) you will all keep your own miraculous and become permanent holders. I have seen how well this team works and with shadow moth becoming more stronger we will need the back up. The old team was never like this when you were all out their what did you feel?

Alix: awesome

Nathaniel: not weak

Chloe: like i was apart of something.

Nino: whole

Juleka: connected

Chat Blanc: like a team being almost completed.

Ladybug: exactly this is the team. You are all true holders to your given miraculous and out there during the akuma attacks you guys worked together and had each others back through out the fight. Even when with the smallest mistakes you backed one another right to the very end.

Chat Blanc: she is right Hawk moth joining with the second miraculous of his is becoming to much of a problem to handle as well as our civilian lives. Atleast as a team we have a stronger chance to end this once and for all.

Ladybug:  to defeat shadow moth.

Chloe: well then i guess we agree lets be part of something bigger then us.

Juleka and Alix: i am in

Nino: sure dude

Nathaniel: oh alright i am in

Two months later

It's been two months since that akuma attack and ever since then the new upgraded miraculous team has gotten better stronger. Akuma attacks are now wrapped up and de-evilsed within an hour leaving the city of Paris safe. The citizens love the new team. Of course they try as much as possible to get interviews with them which of course a fair agreement is met between the media with the miraculous team. Leaving a clear air of understanding and each of the superheros civilian identity to remain a secrect.

As for Marinette well she and Felix are a bit closer i guess . If you count the teasing and Marinette pouty face which gets Felix to almost do anything to get that spark back in her eyes. With them seeing each other a lot outside of school for meet up photoshoot they have gotten along to be good acquaintance as Felix refers to it as. In fact in this very chapter i have placed them in yet another one of their photo shoot's of love in Paris for the Spring peak modelling on a romantic date.

 In fact in this very chapter i have placed them in yet another one of their photo shoot's of love in Paris for the Spring peak modelling on a romantic date

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