Chapter 20

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Felix: i am not one for social gatherings.

Nino: aww come on bro it just a bunch of free periods that we can use to go outside.

Alix: exactly would you rather be stuck here with the cold-hearted snake Lila and her brainless followers or actually have some away time from them.

Chloe: I for one would like to put as much distance away from them as possible.

Marinette: please Felix we won't be gone for long, and your driver can pick you up if you don't feel okay with it afterwards.

Felix: fine only to get away from that fox and the rest of that ludicrous class.

Nathaniel: where are we even going?

Marinette: to see a friend and watch a performance.

Juleka whispers "you mean to practically walk me home so you could all pay a visit to him"

Marinette: shh, it is a need-to-know fact for us alone. Now come along we shan't be late and rushes of with Juleka at toe.

Felix: (groans) I am already regretting this decision (Plagg chuckled at this from inside his shirt pocket)

Chloe: I suppose you won't be telling us who this mystery friend is?

Marinette and Juleka at the same time "Nope!"

Nathaniel: hey did any of you see the new models. They look so cool together I mean they are perfect sketch work.

Nino: oh, yah bro I think they are called the Mys... Mist... Mister

Alix: Mysteries. They are called the mysteries.

Chloe: oh yes, they are the new models for the Spring Fest photo shoot in Paris.

Juleka: oh, I just love how the girl looks full of life. She always has this bright glow on her in all her pictures with her hair always opened.

Marinette: you are a fan of hers Juleka?

Juleka: of course, yes. She looks so genuine in all her photo shoots. It just her confidence too. It is truly inspiring. It gives me confidence I guess that maybe I will get to be a model like her to one day.

Marinette: now that I definitely want to see on a magazine cover.

Alix: yes but no one knows their identities or even have the slightest clue to who they really are. They keep their names out of all photo shoots apparently. That's why they are called the Mysteries.

Chloe: I hear the two are going to walk the red carpet soon for the fashion Gala together as appearance, I guess.

Felix had stayed quite through this all listening and also watching Marinette reaction, but she only just kept looking at him this until her face was formed into a smirk.

Marinette: well, I think the guy is really handsome. He looks dashing in almost everything he wears in magazines don't you think so too?

Alix: I guess but he isn't my type.

Chloe: he is quite a looker I will admit but not my type either. (I have someone else in mind I like.) she thinks to herself not taking notice to the shared look to her direction from both Marinette and Felix even Alix and Juleka rolled their eyes at the statement. Nino perked at this though.

Nino: ohh, so uhm... What is your type then. You know just for knowledge's sake. Haha...

Chloe blushes: uhm

Juleka seeing the awkward situation forming and speaks up. "we're here!"

Felix: a boat! This is where you have a social gathering on a boat!

Marinette: no, no, no Felix! We are here to see someone. Hopefully he is here. I still need his measurement change if there is any. I mean he has gotten taller sooo....

Nino: who is he?

Juleka: my brother of course Luka!

Chloe: who?

Marinette: guy with light blue hair and Jagged Stone logo shirt.

Chloe: oh, the guy with no sense of fashion taste but a definite looker.

Nino: w-w-what!?

Chloe: never mind, let's just go inside. My feet hurt from all this walking.

Alix: probably because you are wearing those (points to heels)

Marinette: I don't know how you where those deadly weapons.

Chloe: what?! My heels weapon! What do you think you are saying about my fashion taste in heels.

Marinette: I'm just saying there are heels. I mean I can't even walk in them down the stairs much less five feet distance without tripping myself.

Everyone laughs at this and Marinette blushes at finally realizing she had just
said that out loud.

Everyone laughs at this and Marinette blushes at finally realizing she had justsaid that out loud

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Felix: You really are something else Dupien Cheng. (laughs)

All everyone could do was just stare. I mean is Felix Graham Devanily laughing actually laughing. He is supposed to be ice cold prince boy and here he is joking with Marinette Dupien Cheng. What a mystery huh.

After everyone comes out of their shock they just watch as Marinette and Felix chatter away and toss one or two lines at each other as if they have known each other their whole lives. The group of course get distracted when they here faint music playing from down below deck and they follow it quietly till it leads to none other than Luka Couffaine playing music on his bed in his room but guess what...

He has someone right beside him listening to him playing as well.

Hope you can guess who it is before next chapter?

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