Chapter 1

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Marinette pov

Click, click and perfect, yes move more to your right. Click, Click. Yes that's great excellent. Thank you and we... Are done here for today let's wrap it up the sun coming out more. Thank you everyone for coming and a warm thank you for you our mystery Parisan Bluenette.

Marinette: Pleasure was all mine Vincent. Always happy to help out in a  last minute shootings. Tell Mira I say hi later on when you see her for me okay.

Vincent: yes Bluenette. I will be sure to pass word on.

Marinette walks off or more like speeds walk back to Penny's car.

Marinette: (once in the car) Drive, drive or i will be later than i normally am to school.

Penny : don't worry Marinette we will make it on your usual time. Plus if you are late we will talk to your parents for you and tell them we had a late morning okay.

Marinette: No you can't talk to my parent's. They mustn't know just yet. I will tell them after Fridays photo shooting.

Penny: yes, yes I know. You only want to tell your parents on Friday after you wire all the money to the bank.

Marinette: I just want the deal to go smoothly that's all. I will tell them after my main shoot then they won't be able to make me back out.

Penny: you sure you are okay with this Marinette? I mean you can back out now you know. You know Jagged and I will support you on anything you choose.

Marinette: I know and I am grateful for the two of you helping me get this far. I truly am but this is my choice. I am going all in for this.

Penny: alright.

Marinette rushes to her room quietly as possible to get ready for school.

Okay, okay lets go a little back now so you guys can catch up to what is happening here and now.

A little over a year or two ago a girl named Lila Rossi came to Marinette class as a new transfer student. All Lila ever did was lie. Lie about knowing every famous celebrity that came to mind. Marinette noticed this and fact checked all her words and when she tried to tell everyone about the lies they all just shunned her. Turning against her with all of Lila's lies.

Eventually Lila started spreading her lies onto Marinette and blamed all the wrongs on Marinette. If something went missing or if Lila faked an injury it would be blamed on Marinette. Everyone Marinette once trusted had turned against her. All her childhood friends turned on her and started to break away at her.

It started with name callings like Maritrash and Mari brat. Then it built up to bruises and pushing around but then some teachers saw this and put an end to it. After that they went on to ruining Marinette personal life. Ruining the name of the famous Dupount bakery and running the bakery name to the ground. The mass loss of customers was bad. Marinette parents struggled to make ends meet.

So Marinette decided to step up and help her parent's. She started working more often for Jagged Stone, designing new posters and album covers but then too the money wasn't enough at the price she gave in so she went into modeling because Penny suggested it as an option. After her first photo shoot where she agreed to remain anonymous she became known as the Mysterious Bluenette of Paris. Her face was on all the latest magazines.

 Her face was on all the latest magazines

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( Don't bother on Marinette's name being mention at all

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( Don't bother on Marinette's name being mention at all. No one knows she is the mystery model because well Marinette hair always look short with it toed up in two pony tails. Plus Marinette keeps her head down most of the time when talking to others so no one see's the colour of her eyes. Also her classmates are to dumb to notice it's her who is the mystery model.)

Marinette had not told her parents yet she just told them she got a small time job to help out. This is until she tells them the truth after Friday official Spring peak photo shoots.

Now all caught up let's get on with the story.

Marinette finished getting ready. Her parent's have just opened the bakery and she quickly rushed out the door after quickly greeting her parents. She made her way to school in a rush and happen to make it on time just as she rushed into class she sprinted to her seat in the back of the class. Where she has been exiled. No one bothering to acknowledge her presence kept swarming over Lila to listen to yet another one of her lies.

The day went on as usual no one paying attention to Marinette or if they did they sneered at her and called her cruel names.

All Marinette could do was grit her teeth and walk away because she wasn't going to allow her anger to take over her and get akumatized.

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