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Ashlyn was laying down her bed, looking up at the ceiling bored. She then turned her head to look at the alarm clock on her nightstand It was nine thirty at night.
her parents went out for a couple of hours so she was home alone. Suddenly her phone starts buzzing she picks it up from her nightstand to see it was a message from her boyfriend, aiden.

- Aiden ♡ -
Hey ash <3

- me -
Hi aiden

- Aiden ♡ -

- me -
Nothing tbh wyd?

- Aiden ♡ -
Being bored

- Aiden ♡ -
Can I come over??

- me -
Sure my parents aren't home rn

- Aiden ♡ -

- me -

- Aiden ♡ -
Hold on

Ashlyn sat her phone down right next to her pillow before looking back at the ceiling. ' he's probably on his way over here already' she thought to herself.
20 minutes pass and she hears the doorbell ring so she walks down stairs and looks through the door hole and sees that it's Aiden so she opens the door.
" hi ash! " Aiden greets her with a smile before walking in.
"Hi Aiden" ashlyn replies, she closes the front door and locks it.
Aiden sits on the couch and ashlyn joins him when she's done locking the front door. She brings her knees up to her face and leans her head on Aiden's shoulder. He leans his head on top of hers before running his hand through her long ginger hair.
A couple minutes pass and Aiden asks " what do you wanna do? Watch a movie? go on a walk? "
" we could watch a movie." ashlyn replies.
"okay :D" Aiden slowly gets up, grabs the remote and turns on the TV they look for a movie to watch and they decided to watch a random kids movie.
" Aiden! Make sure you take it out 10 mins before it stops it will burn. " ashlyn says
" don't worry ash I got it! " Aiden replies with laughter in his voice.
They were getting some snacks for their movie Aiden was making popcorn.
Once they got all the snacks and drinks ready they began to watch the movie. Aiden was laying down on the couch and ashlyn was laying on top of him with her head on his chest and her arms wrapped around his torso. With a blanket covering the both of them.
An hour passes and the movie had just ended and Aiden realizes that ashlyn had fell asleep on him. So he carefully grabs the remote turns off the TV pulls the blanket up more and wraps his arms around her. He kisses her forehead before falling asleep with her.

An hour or two pass and Mike and Emma have returned home. Mike drives into the driveway and the both get out of the Jeep. They walk towards the the front door. Mike takes the house keys out of his pocket and unlocks the front door. Once he opens the front door he realizes the living room lights are turned off. So he goes to turn them back on Emma locks the front door behind them.
Once he turns the light on he sees Aiden and ashlyn both asleep cuddling on the couch.
His eyes widen and he whispers to Emma " Aiden's here?? " Emma tries hard not to squeal at the sight. They decided to turn the lights back off. And let them be. Even though Mike wanted to wake Aiden up. And they both went up to bed.

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