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13. Separation

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"Alright, we've got a long journey ahead of us," Warren informed, "We are gonna need supplies. Food, water,anything we can find. I know Citizen Z said that its gonna be at least a 7hour drive, but in a world like this, its gonna be somewhere around a day or two, so let's get moving!" We all hopped into the truck, 10k and I in the back, Mack and Addy on the motorcycle.
"10k, are you okay?" I asked. He looked really sick, and I dont know why. He just ignored me and looked out he side of the truck. "10k! Look at me!" I commanded, but again, he ignored me. "What the fuck!" Wow, I can't believe I just sweared at him. I moved over next to him, and lifted up his head so he had no choice to ignore me, "What is wrong?" He moved his head away, "Dont touch me!" What did I do? "Fuck you," I am so angry at him! Why is he doing this to me!
"Warren!" I called, "Stop the truck!" and she did. I hoped out of the back, and got in next to Julia, "Okay, let's go," I said as she started to drive. "What's wrong?" Sh asked me. "I don't know, 10k is just ignoring me! I don't even know why! He is just... I don't know..." I explained. Cassandra grew a develish look on her face, what did she do!? "Warren, can we just pull over at that house, its getting dark, and I just wanna sleep, in a bed, in a house," I suggested. She agreed and we pulled into the driveway.
"All clear!" We heard Warren yell from inside, "Three bedrooms, three couches." I looked over at 10k who was holding hands with Cas, as she clinged to his side, making a dirty face at me. "Whatever," I whispered to myself. Addy and Mack shared Julia and I shared, and, ugh, 10k and Cas shared, while Warren, Murphy an Doc slept on the couches.
10k and Cas chose the room right next to mine, I could see, and hear them through some bullet holes in the wall. 10k pinned Cas up against a wall, viciously, making out with her, what the fuck! "I have been waiting for this moment since the day I laid eyes on you, and now, you're gonna get laid," 10k smirked at Cas. What thee actual Fuck! "What about Aj, why did you like, like her?" Cas asked, making deep breaths. "I had to get you off my mind somehow," he said, again, smirking at her. I felt tears gather in my eyes, as they streamed down my pale face. "Julia!" I yelled, and she came running. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" She asked in a soft voice. I lead her over to the holes in this wall and showed her what 10k and Cas were the doing. "He used me," I cried, as I plopped face first onto the bed. "I am never trusting anyone, ever again, except for you an Warren, and maybe Doc, he's like a father to me," I said as I wailed tears into a pillow.
Suddenly, Warren came bursting through the door, "What's wrong," ugh. I snowed her the holes. "Oh, let me handle this." Warren left my room and went over to 10k's door. She knocked, "Hey! Make sure you use protection!" She shouted over the moans. Please, kill me now.
Alright guys, so I know you probly hate this chapter, I just needed to add some drama, thank you thank you thank you! I have over 2,200 views! That is so amazing! I never thought this book would become this popular!

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