12. More Miles

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I picked up the walkie talkie, "Warren calm down! I have so extra batteries I was saving for a time we needed them!" She looks up at me, I hand her the walkie talkie and rummage through my bag looking for the batteries. I finally find them, "here," I say handing them to her. She slips them in, and trys contacting Citizen Z.
"Hello? Hello?! This is Warren, Citizen Z, are you there?" She yells into the phone. "Warren! Hey so, directions?" He replies. "Yeah, where am I headed?" Warren continues. "Alright, to through Reno and follow through on Highway 395. You're gonna go through tons of places. Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville, then the Washoe Ranches Trust Land, Coleville, Walker, Bishop, Indian Wells, Rosamond, Lancaster, and Palmdale. After that, just follow Highway 395 until you reach Mr. Wilson Red Box road, and continue that wa y, and you're there!" Citizen Z talked on and on, "Till take you about 7 and half hours, and 450 miles, so yeah."
"Okay, we'll keep in contact," Warren finishes the call. "Take out the batteries to save power," I suggest, and she does. "We've still got a long journey,"

Hey! So I'm sorry this chapter was really short! I have a story I'm writing and I've been so focused on that! If I get at least fie votes on this chapter I'll post another! Thank you soon much for 1,000 reads! I am so over joyed! Bye!

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