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9,999 ~ A 10K FanFic by AllisonMilner
9,999 ~ A 10K FanFicby Allie
Fox Maple is your typical Teenage Badass! But when the world goes to shit will she open up? Three years into the Apocolypse she comes across a group transporting the cu...
  • murphy
  • 10k
  • mack
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The Snipers Girl(Z-Nation/10k) by Crazybee_x
The Snipers Girl(Z-Nation/10k)by Crazybee_x
I do not own Z-Nation. I'm just a massive fan of the show. I don't own any of the charcters apart from Zoey ( Song Bird). I might also change some of the story line or k...
  • freindship
  • murphy
  • love
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A Zombies Bite (Z Nation 10k Fan Fic) by SMILEYGYRL1234
A Zombies Bite (Z Nation 10k Fan SMILEYGYRL1234
(I DO NOT OWN Z NATION OR THEIR CHARACTERS) Three years.Its been three years since this world has become infested with creatures that feed on human flesh,Zombies.Its bee...
  • love
  • addy
  • blood
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Tommy/10k/ Nat Zang One-shots (On Hold!) by Crazybee_x
Tommy/10k/ Nat Zang One-shots ( Crazybee_x
Check out my other book 'The Snipers girl' :)
  • tommy
  • one-shots
  • murphy
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Locked Away [10k Z Nation] by katherineland
Locked Away [10k Z Nation]by katherine!
50% dead, 100% screwed. Her story resembles that of a really, really messed up fairy tale. She was locked away by her father when the virus first hit, never to be seen a...
  • syfy
  • doc
  • zombies
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you count z's, i count days// 10k//znation by potarot123
you count z's, i count days// potarot123
karter. her name is karter. damn "karter. kaarterrr. karter karter karter, the love of my life, my best friend" "your so cheesy, just shut up and kiss me...
  • wattys2018
  • citezenz
  • mac
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A Zombies Love (Z Nation 10k Fan Fic/Book 3) by SMILEYGYRL1234
A Zombies Love (Z Nation 10k Fan SMILEYGYRL1234
Everything seemed to be going wrong for Sarah.They were supposed to get Murphy to a Lab in California,he would go on and make a vaccine to save the world.But of course l...
  • fightforlove
  • death
  • wattys2018
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Play Your Cards by allynicol
Play Your Cardsby just.a.small.writer
Ace, the Queen of the Apocalypse as most know it. She rules the world with an iron fist. The girl said to be independent, nonaligned, sufficient, and self-ruling. But th...
  • love
  • killer
  • zombies
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Butterflies (Z Nation & 10k) by everythingparanormal
Butterflies (Z Nation & 10k)by everythingparanormal
"Sometimes it's not the butterflies that tell you you're in love...but the pain." When those words left his mouth, that is when I realized I'm falling for him...
  • 10k
  • danger
  • citizenz
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Beautifully Invisible { 10k | A Z Nation Fanfiction} by Musical_Zombiez
Beautifully Invisible { 10k | A Just An Author
"I don't trust you, I don't trust any of them either," I whispered, hearing myself admit my own thoughts out loud. "You have to try. You can't stay strong...
  • znation
  • deltaxraydelta
  • mack
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A Zombies Touch(Z Nation 10k Fan Fic/Book 2) by SMILEYGYRL1234
A Zombies Touch(Z Nation 10k Fan SMILEYGYRL1234
Sarah Gilbert can be described as blunt,immpulsive,and maybe even a little dangerous.As she continues to fight with Warren,Doc,Addy,and her boyfriend 10k to get Murphy t...
  • cassandra
  • citizenz
  • wattys2018
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MY GHOST [ 10K ] by -fandomcrapp
MY GHOST [ 10K ]by ⓜⓨⓐ :)
"no one has ever made me feel this way, ever." In which Hailee "Blue" Goldstone falls for the boy who's name is a number. 10k x OC {S1- }
  • wattys2018
  • warren
  • action
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The Cheshire's Zombie Sniper (Under Major Construction) by Insomniac1514
The Cheshire's Zombie Sniper ( Shinigami
At the beginning there was life. Beauty and wealth was everywhere. But the apocalypse changed all that. Family and friends are turning against each other. Trust, hope an...
  • addy
  • cheshire
  • znation
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Zero by thefumblebee
Zeroby thefumblebee
zero /zirō/ Noun 1. A worthless or contemptibility undistinguished person 2. the lowest possible amount or level; nothing at all Verb 1. to kill 2. set the si...
  • zombies
  • murphy
  • addison
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(Znation) guns and bows - (10k x oc) by angelteamice
(Znation) guns and bows - (10k x Sarah Ice Angel
this story begins at season 1 "welcome to the fu-bar" during the shooting competition. a girl signs up with a lot of nerves backen' her. after all, she is the...
  • bows
  • zona
  • addy
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Z Nation Imagines❤👍 by 10kNation
Z Nation Imagines❤👍by Abbie🥴🤪 🥰
10k, Addy, Roberta,Murphy,Simon❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Posting days:Mon,Wen,Sun Thank you guys so much! For Everything!❤❤❤❤
  • roberta
  • addy
  • simon
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Save Me (Adam Lambert) by AddysGirl29
Save Me (Adam Lambert)by Emilee
How do you recover? How do you recover when life has stripped away your sanity and taken every ounce of innocence your young soul once acquired? Darcy Rivera asks hersel...
  • ratliff
  • addy
  • darcy
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My Life In Code by writeon27
My Life In Codeby Ansley
Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfrie...
  • hotel
  • maddox
  • caught
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OPEN YOUR EYES ➤ Z Nation ¹ by smokinglightwoods
OPEN YOUR EYES ➤ Z Nation ¹by ✧Lisa✧
"This is us History falling down Hope rising up We're the here and now All that came before Can not stay asleep We're not children anymore." {Z NATION} {SEASON...
  • tenthousand
  • mackthomson
  • tommy
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Hawk eye and Sharp Shooter. by AshleyBlack42
Hawk eye and Sharp Ashley Black
Most people carry things like guns and knife or weapons during a zombie apocalypse, but travailing with binoculars my come in handy. Jean does just that, well her full...
  • zs
  • apocalypse
  • addy
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