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7. Nevada

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"I can't believe how close we are! It's unbelievable!" I say with excitment. "Yeah, we're in Henderson right now, if we keep following 515, we'll be in Vegas!" Doc shouted out with excitment.

After about 20 minutes of driving, we arrived. "Wow, I never thought I would see this place, and even if I did, not in the apocolypse," Cas said. "Yeah," I agreed. Just looking around, I notice there is no Z's in sight. "Where are they?" I ask. "They must have moved on, like locusts, but by they'll be back," Doc says answering my question. "Well then we better make a sweep and get out before they get here," Warren informs us. "Julia, 10k and Aj, you go down that street. Mack and Addy  you go that way. Cas and Murphy will stay at the van while Doc an I go own the other street," "Aye Aye Captain!" 10k joked. It wasn't funny, and he stood there looking like a doofus. "Alright, let's go," I say breaking the akward silence.
About half way down the street, I hear a roaring sound. "Wait! Listen," I say grabbing 10k and Julia's attention. The sound grew louder. As it came closer we realized who and what it was. "What are you doing?" Julia said to Doc. "I found this baby just sitting in the road! Full gas, warm seat, and full of supplies," he said patting the motorcycle. "Um... Warm seat, sitting in the road, full supplies and gas! Doc! Some guy is gonna come after you for taking his bike!" I warn him. "No!" Doc replied, trying to protect his ground, "If there is even a guy, he wouldn't just leave it in he road, and I'm pretty sure he would have noticed by now." "Ahhhh!" We hear a women scream. "Warren!" I yell. We start running towards her shriek. "Warren!" She lay there on the ground, her head bleeding. "Oh my god!" I start to worry. 10k picked her up and we ran back to the car to find a man putting a gun to Murphy's head. "Woah! Dude! Put the gun down!" Doc says to the man trying to coax him out of shooting. "I will shoot! His blood will be on your hands!" The man yells. I see his finger start to press on the trigger. My reflexes kick in and I shoot the man to the ground, dead, right between the eyes. "Thanks," Murphy said, for once not putting attitude into this tone. We rush over the the van and prop Warren up against it. "I got the med kit!" Doc says running over to her. "Is she okay?" I worry. "Looks like he striked her right on the forehead. If he hit her in the back of the skull, she probly wouldn't be breathing," Doc says relieving me. Everyone is quiet while Doc wrapped up Warren. "It may be the apocalypse, but people in this place are just as bad as before," Cas says breaking the silence. "I think we an all agree on that," Murphy replies in agreement. All eight of us hop back into the truck an were off again.

Chapter 8 is coming soon! Comment some ideas please! I will use them. Vote if you like, thank you!

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