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I Care | JJ Maybank by 13taylorrr
I Care | JJ Maybankby taylor
"Why would you do that, exactly?" "Uh, cause I care about your general wellbeing and aliveness?" "You care about me?" "Yeah. I care.&q...
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𝔸𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤 𝕆𝕗 𝕊.ℍ.𝕀.𝔼.𝕃.𝔻 𝕆𝕟𝕖-𝕊𝕙𝕠𝕥𝕤/ℙ𝕣𝕖𝕗𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖𝕤 by QueenOfAsgard04
𝔸𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤 𝕆𝕗 𝕊.ℍ.𝕀.𝔼.𝕃.𝔻 Hello there
UPDATED VERSION!! ALL SEASONS (1-7)!! Just a bunch of ONE-SHOTS with the Agents Of SHIELD! REQUEST ARE OPEN FOR: Philip Coulson Melinda May Grant Ward Lance Hunter Daisy...
Infinite (MCU Male-Reader Insert) by InfernoMeteor
Infinite (MCU Male-Reader Insert)by InfernoMeteor
One day, while Y/N L/N was walking to his home in New York, he stumbled across some blue crystals. When he made contact, his skin was encased in rock. When he was out, h...
[2] An Executioner's Requiem | Leo Fitz by missmarvel_ous
[2] An Executioner's Requiem | missmarvel_ous
Nina Ramos is an Agent of SHIELD. An agent with a reputation she's embraced, a past she doesn't remember and a future she didn't quite expect. After her last mission end...
✨Criminal Minds preferences✨ by kenzie_yall44
✨Criminal Minds preferences✨by Mack_yall44
Dr Spencer Reid Aaron Hotchner Derek Morgan David Rossi Luke Alvez Matt Simmons I may do another story but with the women of criminal minds💅🏼 I may add characters t...
Locked Away [10k Z Nation] by katherineland
Locked Away [10k Z Nation]by katherine!
50% dead, 100% screwed. Her story resembles that of a really, really messed up fairy tale. She was locked away by her father when the virus first hit, never to be seen a...
In the Apocalypse by Prettybutpsycho100
In the Apocalypseby Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson is a crazy teenager. She can be impulsive and insensitive but she cares more than she wants people to know. When the apocalypse starts she doesn't chan...
Butterflies (Z Nation & 10k) by everythingparanormal
Butterflies (Z Nation & 10k)by everythingparanormal
"Sometimes it's not the butterflies that tell you you're in love...but the pain." When those words left his mouth, that is when I realized I'm falling for him...
Me, Myself, and the Tide (Seacat x reader) *COMPLETED* by _Kim_Haru_
Me, Myself, and the Tide (Seacat Izzy-Belle
Hello, My name is Y/N. I'm Brady's little sister and we both love surfing and Wet Side Story the best movie ever made. One day me, my brother, and his girlfriend Mack ge...
Hawk eye and Sharp Shooter. by AshleyBlack42
Hawk eye and Sharp Ashley Black
Most people carry things like guns and knife or weapons during a zombie apocalypse, but travailing with binoculars my come in handy. Jean does just that, well her full...
Badboy - Mack (boyxboy) by jackdiffsduck
Badboy - Mack (boyxboy)by Charlie
Jack Duff is the badboy of the school, no one dares to fuck with him. That is, until Mikey Cobban turns up.
FALLING FOR YOU • TEEN BEACH MOVIE [1] ✔ by siriusly-hooked
"I'm falling for ya, falling for ya, I know I shouldn't, But I just can't stop myself from, Falling for you.&quo...
Kitty • 10k fanfic by DatBoodeh
Kitty • 10k fanficby DatBoodeh
Kitty isn't like anybody else in the Apocalypse, she's a whole different species. Created threw experiments on her pregnant, incarcerated mother. She was taken from the...
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Z nation 10k x reader by finissol
Z nation 10k x readerby Maddie_15
Hey guys, this is going to be an x10 reader. I saw that they weren't very many of these, so I decided to write on. I hope you guys like it. And I DO NOT own Z nation or...
Brave Enough by Hudson_Sixx
Brave Enoughby Hudson Sixx
A 911 fanfic mainly focused on Evan Buckley and new 911 dispatcher James Malina. When James Malina escapes her abusive ex boyfriend and runs home only to lose her mom t...
Recruited //AoS(agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) by itsasecret_evenidk
Recruited //AoS(agents of itsasecret_evenidk
15 years old.Having a building drop on you.Getting kidnapped 25 times in the space of 3 weeks.Not my cuppa tea. "Whatever you're gonna do this time I will not resis...
Secrets by Mysterywolfmystic
Secretsby Vampirewolf2004
Before Melinda May married Andrew, she and Coulson had a child. She didn't tell him the baby was his and didn't talk to him for a little while. When her job got really l...
9,999 ~ A 10K FanFic by 0osiris0
9,999 ~ A 10K FanFicby 0osiris0
Fox Maple is your typical Teenage Badass! But when the world goes to shit will she open up? Three years into the Apocolypse she comes across a group transporting the cu...
A Zombies Bite (Z Nation 10k Fan Fic) by starry-kingdom
A Zombies Bite (Z Nation 10k Fan starry-kingdom
(I DO NOT OWN Z NATION OR THEIR CHARACTERS) Three years.Its been three years since this world has become infested with creatures that feed on human flesh,Zombies.Its bee...
The Snipers Girl(Z-Nation/10k) by Crazybee_x
The Snipers Girl(Z-Nation/10k)by Crazybee_x
I do not own Z-Nation. I'm just a massive fan of the show. I don't own any of the charcters apart from Zoey ( Song Bird). I might also change some of the story line or k...