15. Something...

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Its been a long ride, as usual. We are now somewhere in Carson or something. "Guys, we're making a stop! Food, and water, Lets go!" Warren commanded. I hopped out of the truck with Julia and we went inside a gas station. "Anything?" I whispered. "Nothing," Julia was disappointed. We walked back outside, and we were ambushed by two large Z's. I struggled as I tried to keep one from biting me in neck. I kicked it in the leg, and we ran away. "Aw crap, it got my necklace!" "Better than it getting you," Julia replied. "Yeah, I guess..." We went back to the truck where Mack, Addy, Doc, and Murphy sat. "Where's Warren, Cas, and 10k?" I asked. "Still out, they should be back soon," Doc answered.

We waited for what felt like hours. "Finally," I sighed to myself. "Find' anything?" Julia spoke up. Warren walked to everyone in the group and handed us each a new, filled, water bottle. "Thanks!" I smiled at her. I tried so hard to block out 10k and Cas's conversation. "So, I got you something," I heard. "Really?!" Cas said like she was a five year old. "Yeah, here," he dug into his pocket. He pulled out a charm necklace, my necklace. Cas turned around as he sliped the necklace on her. "What the fuck!" I said a little too loud. 10k turned his back and sat down, "You're just jealous that you dont have him anymore," Cas snaked at me as she kissed his cheek. "No, thats not what this is about. That is my necklace!" I explain, clearly upset. "Then why is it on my neck!" I really hate her. "10k stole it! I have proof!" I said as I grabbed Julia and showed Cas the matching necklace, "That is mine." "What is going on," Warren interrupts. "Cas stole my necklace and I want it back," I reply, "This is so stupid, just give it back." "Nope." What is wrong with her? "Cas, give it to me," Warren says holding out her hand. "No," Oh my gosh, she is acting like a child. "10k, where did you get the necklace from," Julia speaks up. "Alright, so I was walking down the street when I passed you and Amanda. You were fighting off a few Z's and I saw Amanda's necklace hanging from one of their mouths... I was gonna give it back but.. Yeah," He spilled. "Fuck you," I grabbed the necklace from Cas and left, walking down the street.

Sooo sorry really short chapter, i have been having trouble updating! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for 3,100+ reads! That is soo awesome, I never expected it to be this popular! Please leave comments and ideas I always love your feedback.

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