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6. Deep thinking

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So far, the apocalypse hasn't been bad at all. I found my 10k, and my best friend! And of course, the awesome people that I survive with.
"Where are we?" Julia asked Warren. "Somewhere... " she replied. "Oh..." "Before night fall, we should probly stop at a house or something, because I don't think anyone likes driving at night, in the apocalypse," I mentioned. "Sounds good," Warren agreed. "Look, maybe there," I said pointing to a place.
We pulled into the drive way, got out and scouted the house. "No Z's! All clear!" 10k informed. "I'll make dinner with Juila," I tell the group, as Julia and I enter the kitchen. "So, how's your life been," she started. "Ya' know, Zombies... the usual," I reply, "I'm so glad I found you, it's been years. I thought I would never see anyone from 'The Normal World' again," "Well, we did say, Best Friends, Forever! Everything that happens, happens for a reason. The universe couldn't keep us apart," Julia said. I love having her here. It makes the world, less zombish, know what I mean? Best friends always have each others backs, and I've got two. For once, life is good.
After Julia and I finished cooking, we brought it out to the group. "Ooh! Look at this, and Actual meal!" Doc exclaimed with excitement. "Beans and Macaroni?" I say joking with him.
After dinner, we all went to bed, the normal sharing arrangements. 10k and I just lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling. "What is your real name?" I ask. "Tommy," he replied, "but, don't  tell anyone, okay?" "Whatever you say. Good night , 'Tommy'," I say as we lean into a passionate kiss. We exchanged  'I love you's, and went to sleep. "Good night,"

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