8. Highway 95

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After a couple of days Warren healed. We were still in Nevada, but out of the city. "Are we there yet," Murphy groaned. "Yup," I reply. "Really!?" Murphy said excitingly. "No," I say breaking his spirit. "Where are we anyway? We've been driving on this highway for like, hours," I begin. "Well, we are almost to Indian Springs. We'll stop there, and we'll all stick together, that way we don't have another accident, like the last time we split up," Roberta replies. "Good idea," I say ending the conversation. I look out the window of the truck, waving too 10k who is riding the motorcycle. "Having fun?" I yell to him. He nods with a smirk on his face.
I turn to Julia, who is looking out the window. "Hey, are you okay?" I say grabbing her attention. "Yeah, I'm good, just a little thirsty," she replied. I handed her my water bottle. "Thanks,"
After about an hour we reached Indian Springs. It is completely overrun, and there is a small passage we could drive our truck through. "Um, can this be the one town we skip?" I asked. "Why even ask when you know the answer, there is no way I am gonna even risk looting this place," Roberta replied. "10k! Can you drive through this okay?!" I yell out the window to him. "Yeah! I'll be fine!" He yelled back. Warren put the pedal down, full power, plowing into the Z's.
It took forever, but we finally got through the hoard. "What next?" I asked. "California,"

Sorry this is a short chapter! Chapter 9 is coming! Please comment some ideas for the next chapter, this one was short because I had a little 'Writers Block'

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