5. Tears of Joy

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We stopped in town, as usual, making a quick search. "10k & Aj, look for food and water, and anything else you can find. Mack and Addy, do the same. Cas and I will look for medical supplies, and gas. Doc, Murphy, you stay here," Warren commanded. "No problem there," Murphy replied.

While 10k and I were in a small drug store, I noticed that someone had been here, someone is in here! "Check around the back," I say to 10k. As went around the counter, a girl with brown hair puts a knife up too his neck. The girl looks at me, and suddenly drops her weapon. "Julia? Julia!" It was my best friend. She ran up to me, and we hugged. "What are you doing here!" I ask with tears streaming down my cheeks. "I was on some vacation, and then the apocalypse happened. My family died, and I was left out here alone..." Julia said with a disappointed look on her face, "What are you doing here?" she continued. "I am on a mission. We have a guy, with a cure! He can stop this apocalypse and everything can go back to normal... Well, if we get him to a medical lab in California," I informed her. "Who is this?" She asked me. "He is my boyfriend. His name is 10k," I replied holding his hand. "Okay.."

We walked back to the truck. "Miracles can happen!" I say grabbing everyone's attention. "I found my best friend!" I continue, "Can she join us! Please?!" I beg like five year old. "Anything for you," Warren replied with a smile. "Hi. I'm Julia," she said introducing herself.

Miracles can happen... Even in the apocalypse.

Sorry this is short chapter!

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