14. No problem...

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The night went on. I found a way to get over 10k, just leave. I contemplated on leaving the group to venture on, on my own, but I decided not to. I will take Murphy to Cali and get this stupid mission over with. Hopefully Cas gets her head gnawed off by a Z. "Everybody up! Breakfast!" Breakfast? Eh, I don't feel like eating anyway.. Julia jumped up off the bed and ran downstairs to eat. I slowly got up and slipped into some new clothes I found in the closet. A muscle shirt that said, 'Strive to Survive' a pair of acid-washed skinny jeans, some black Nike elites that I found buried in the dresser, and of course my new boots I got. I put my hair into a high pony tail and went downstairs where the group is eating. "Good morning," Cas snaked with a rude face at me. I shook it off. "Hey," I said to Mack as I sat next to him. "Hey. Want some food, water?" He asked. "Water," I thanked him as he handed me a bottle. "Alright! Were gonna head out in a couple minutes! Get your stuff and we're leaving!" Warren announced. I ran upstairs and gabbed my bag, along with Julia's. On my way out of the room, I noticed a box sitting on the night stand. I set down the bags and opened it. Two necklaces lay beautifully in the box. Why would anyone leave these here? I thought to myself. I picked them up an slipped em' into individual pockets. One necklace had three charms, a music note, a heart, and a little donut, it was adorable. The other one had a basketball, a heart, and a tree charm. I quickly grabbed the bags and went downstairs were everyone was waiting in the truck. I jumped in the back with Julia and the motorcycle. How did they get it up here? Beats me. I patted the side of the truck, giving a signal to Warren that we were ready to go. I reached into my pocket and gave Julia one of the necklaces while I kept the other. "Thanks," she smiled at me. "No problem," no problem, no problems. That's all I need, no problems.

Sorry this is a short chapter! I have been taking forever to update! I'm soooo sorry bout' that. Please! I love your feedback, tell me, What did you think of this Chapter? What is gonna happen next? Please suggest some ideas! I will take anything I can get, lol, that sounds so desperate, but anything helps. Thanks so much! I never expected this book to get 2,500+ reads and 120+ votes! Without you guys, I would have never had any of this! I just want you all to know how awesome this is, an you helped! So, thanks!

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