2. Lover Boy

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We all woke up to the sound of a gunshot inside the house. I jumped up and swung open the door. There was a bullet hole in my wall. "I dropped my gun," Warren said. Everyone was relieved. I walked over to he wall and put a peice of duct tape over the hole. "Fixed!" I said, and everyone laughed. "I'm gonna go get dressed," as I walked to my room, with 10k following me, "Alone!" I told him. Again he blushed and walked away. Doc made fun if him as usual. I could hear them from outside my door, "Lover Boy!" they kept saying. "Shut up," he playfully said. I put on my combat boots, black skinny jeans and a navy blue jacket that says, 'Still alive, but I'm barely breathing'. I put my hair to the side in a braid. I knew that we were gonna be leaving my place soon... So I packed all my belongings in my bag and went downstairs.

"You never told me why we have to go to California," I said to Warren. "We have a cure, well Murphy does. Eight bites and he is still alive. We need to get to a medical lab in California so they can make more of the vaccine from his blood," Roberta explained. Wow. "I forgot to mention, this house has a water system that is hooked up to the lake, so there is running water if you want to fill up your water bottles, or take a shower if you want," I told the group. Their eyes lit up with delight. Roberta got up and went to the bathroom. "Anyone wanna go on a run with me?" I asked. 10k shot up. "I'll go!" he said. "While were gone stay out of trouble," I playfully said to Doc and Murphy. "No problem," Murphy said sarcastically. "We'll be back in less than hour," I informed and we left.

-10k's POV-

Aj and I started walking down the road. I don't even notice I was staring at her again. She slapped my arm, but it didn't hurt. "Stop it!" Aj exclaimed. "What?" I said smiling. "Staring! That's all you do! Use your words!" she said with a tense voice. I began to talk, "I cant help staring at beautiful things... there isn't many left in this world," she smiled and turned her face away. We didn't talk until we approached some sort of a shed. "Is there something in there!?" Aj wondered. She grabbed the handle and I got ready with my knife. "One... Two... Three!" She opened the door to find a dog. She bent down to it. "Careful!It might be a Z," I warned. "Nope," she said. The dog was chocolate lab. It had bright blue collar and was tied up to a workbench. Aj untied it. "What's his name," I asked. She looked at the tag around his neck, "Charlie," she replied. Suddenly my brain flooded wit memories of Charles Garnett. I felt sick thinking of him. He was a good man and he gave people hope to carry on. "10k! 10k! Watch out!" I was woken from my trance. I turned around to find a Z about to munch on me. Aj got up and piked it as I was fending it off. "I owe you one," I said to her.

-Aj's POV-

After awhile of walking back to the house with dog, we finally arrived at it. We opened the door and the dog ran into the house. "Oh my god! A dog!" Cassandra exclaimed. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl, and I filled it with water. "Here you go!" I said as I set down the bowl of water. "What's his name?" Warren asked. "His collar says Charlie." Suddenly Roberta's facial expression went from happy to sad. 10k walked me into the kitchen and told me about their friend Charles Garnett. "He died to save Murphy. He had a special relationship with Warren and she went through a terrible mental breakdown and it was bad," he explained. I felt really bad for them. I walked into the other room and sat next to Roberta. "Are you okay?" I asked with concern. "Yeah.. Its been awhile since I heard that name.. That it," she replied. "Can we keep him!" Doc exclaimed like a five year old. Warren nodded. We have a dog,  a place, and each other... Everything we need!

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