11. Almost There!

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We all went to sleep as the sun disappeared. The night was calm, and peaceful. Which made it easy to relax, for once.
When we all woke up, we got going again, heading into the nearest town. The first thing I notice when we made our way into the town/city was the shoe store. "Can we please stop there!!" I ask pointing at the place. "Sure. I'm pretty sure we all need some new shoes anyway," Warren replies. We drive to the store and park the truck on the curb. There is only one or two Z's, which we take out. The door is locked, so I take the end of my katana and break the glass, and were in. "Oh, my, god," I say staring at the most awesome pair of sneakers I've seen in a long time. I run over to the shelf and pick them up. It's like fate! They're in my size! "Look at these!" I say walking around in the Jordan's. (They are in the picture above!) "Those are quite the shoes!" Doc replies. Warren, Cas, Addy, and Julia got a new pair of combat boots. I did too! Two pairs of new shoes! The apocalypse can be cool in some ways, like free shoes! No matter what, every girl loves shoes. The guys all got some new work boots, which were black. I walk over to the shelf and grab a box with another pair of Jordan's in it. I hand Mack the box, "Try these." He puts the black J's on, and he totally makes them work. "Do you like them?" I ask. "Well, duh," he replies.
We all leave the store with some awesome new shoes, and went on the road again. We stopped at a few more shops in the town getting more food, water, and supplies.
"Look!" Warren speaks up as we pass a sign that says, "Welcome to Reno, Nevada!" "Murphy, can you grab the walkie talkie?" I ask. He hands it to me and I try contacting Citizen Z, "Delta-Xray-Delta! This is operation bite mark! We have reached Cali and need directions to Mount Wilson!" "Hello, this is Citizen Z, who am I speaking too?" He asks. "Amanda. Would you like you speak to Warren?" I ask. "Yes," he replies as I hand the walkie talkie over to Roberta. "Alright! Where am I heading?" She asks him. He starts talking, but it stops. "Citizen Z? Citizen Z! ... Its dead!" Warren says throwing the walkie talkie to the ground.

Authors Note
I totally forgot that I added Mack and Addy back in the story so I had to o through all my chapters and out them in!
Well, its not like any of you noticed anyway XD
If I forget them in a chapter pleeease comment it so I can put them in! Thanks!

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