9. No pain, no gain

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Over the years it has been tough we've gone through deaths, close starvation and dehydration, everything. Today is the usual, drive, stop, drive, stop, like its on a continuous loop.
10k and I are sitting in the back of the truck, while Doc decided to ride the motorcycle. We just watch the hills, and mountains roll by. I look over at him. "So, what's up?" I say breaking the silence. "Nothin' much, you?" He plays along. He grew a smirk on his face. He is so adorable. "Got any food?" I ask. "Yeah, here," he replies, handing me a Twinkie. "Of course," I say joking with him. Again, he makes that adorable smirk. He put a his arm around my shoulder, and I snuggled into his chest. I smiled, falling asleep in his arms.
I was awoken to the sound of loud crash. "Shit!" Doc screamed. I quickly shot up at the sound of him in distress. "Guys! Help!" I say running over to him. "Umm, this is not good!" Cas worries. There Doc lay on the ground with the motorcycle on top of him. Murphy bendt down to pick it up and off of Doc. "Anyone gonna help me!?" Murphy yells at us. At his words we quickly get the motorcycle off. Warren helps Doc up. "Ah!" He winced I pain. His knife was shoved into his leg. We carried him to the truck. As we set him down, I ran over to the cycle and grabbed all of the supplies, and ran back to Doc. "Here is his bag!" I say handing the medical supplies to Warren. "Okay Warren, quickly take the knife out, then apply the alcohol on the open wound!" Doc informed her. She did as told. After disinfecting it, she patched up his leg, and we were all good. "That was a close one," Addy speaks up. "You can say that again.," Doc jokes, "but really, thanks for helping me." "Anything for you, were a family, and families stick together," I say comforting everyone. "Well as long as we're here we mine as well set up camp, its getting dark," Julia says to the group. "Good Idea. Aj you go with Julia and make dinner," Warren says to us. I start a fire an set up tents while Julia prepared the meal. "What should I make?" She asked. "I don't know, what do we have?" I reply. "Beans, Pineapple slices, canned beef, and some water bottles," she said. "Beef, I think were all in need of some protein, especially Doc, so he can heal,"
Everyone came by and sat down at the campfire. We talked about the day we just lived, like everyday, keeping conversations makes it feel less like the apocalypse, trying to keep things as real as possible. I guess it's good that this zombie thing happened because, without it we never would have met each other, we never would have been where we are today, or even who we are.

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