16. Is it really you?

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10k came running up behind me, "Hey," he put his hand on my shoulder and I shook it off. "Go away. Leave me alone," I kept walking. "Amanda." He said. I turned around facing a tear filled 10k, "Don't call me that." He started, "Aj, I never meant to hurt you-" "Sure feels like it," I stared straight at the ground avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry," he turned around and started walking back to the group. "10k," he faced me, "Nothing you say can change what you did, just want you to know that."
I ran back to Julia and Warren. "Hey, are you okay?" Warren said pulling me into a hug. "Yeah, I'll be fine, lets just go..." We got back on the road, to the next town, or house we would come across.
As we were traveling we saw a person walking on the road. "Where are you headed?" I asked the stranger. When I saw their face it looked extremely familiar, "Dallas?" "Amanda?" He said back to me. I opened the truck door and hoped out. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I leaped into his arms. "How many years has it been, like, seven?" I laughed. "Yeah, maybe. I never thought I'd see someone from New York ever again," he replied. "Come with us, please," I sort of begged. "Thanks," he said as he climbed into the truck with me.
"So what are you doing up here?" I asked as Doc started driving. "I volunteered as a soldier when this all started. They flew me here to help fend off the medics as they tried to create a cure. Our camp got overrun about two weeks ago and I've been on the road ever since," he answered, "What are you doing here?" "So, when I was in Georgia, these people found me and told me their business. We have a guy with a cure and we need to get him to a medical lab, and we are almost their. I've been with them ever since they let me into their group," I replied. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his chest. I smiled. This feels good, being loved again.

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Writing this 10k fanfic is not as fun as it used to be. I have fallen for a beautiful Chandler Riggs, or Carl, from the Walking Dead.
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