3. Welcome back!

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"Alright! Pack up your things! Were gonna head out!" Warren announced. I went into my room and soaked up a few more memories of it and then left. 10k and I hopped into the back of he truck. The scenery was beautiful in the countryside, it made the apocalypse melt away. I looked over at 10k. Of course he was staring at me. We both smiled at each other. I leaned next to him and put my head on his chest and slowly dozed off.

When I finally woke up, I saw that 10k was handing out his twinkies, one for everyone. "Hey kid, are you gonna eat that?" Murphy asked 10k. 10k shoved the whole twinkie in his mouth and Murphy grew an upset look on his face, I couldn't help laughing at the situation.

After awhile of driving we arrived a camp. We all hopped out of the truck, including Charlie, the dog. There was no one there from the looks of it. All of the sudden Charlie took off, running too fast for me to catch up to him. "Charlie! Charlie! Come here boy!" I called. He didn't listen, and just kept running. Tears began to form in my eyes. The only dog I had ever seen in the last three years is gone.

10k came over, and cheered me up, he was such a great friend, my best friend. "He's gone, but we still have to carry on," he told me. I wiped the tears off my face. "Yeah.. I guess so... Live and let die, right?" I replied. He pulled me into a friendly hug, and then we started searching. We looked through all of the bags and boxes and found a few supplies. Suddenly we heard foot steps. They were coming from a man with dirty blonde hair and a girl with red hair. "Mack! Addy?!" Warren exclaimed. The girl with red hair came running up to Warren. "What happened to that 'Girls only' place?" Roberta asked her. "Overrun... like all camps," Addy said. "Luckily, I still had Mack... waiting," she finished. Mack and Addy. "Well this is Aj," Warren said pointing over to me. I walked over and greeted them. "Welcome back!"

We finished raiding the camp and headed off again, into a terrible storm. I think we were somewhere in Kansas, near Roberta's house. "Woah, look at that!" I said pointing to a tornado filled with zombies. "We need to find shelter soon!" Doc exclaimed. "I have a house in this town. 10k and Aj, can you make a quick search of the town and make your way back?" Warren aksed. I nodded. 10k and I hopped out of the car and started looking around. We entered a drug store. "Look at this!" I said holding up a box. "Twinkies," he said with smile. I swept a few more shelves, and walked over to 10k, "We should start heading back," I said. As we left the store, a twister came straight at us. "In the car!" 10k yelled. As we both climbed into the car, the tornado reached us, it lifted the car into the air about five feet, and swung us around. 10k grabbed my thigh. We both lock eyes and looked away blushing. It was an awkward moment for both of us...

After the storm cleared, we made our way back to Warren and the group. We didn't even notice we were holding hands. "Where have you 'love birds' been?" Roberta said. 10k and I looked at each other smiling and we pulled our hands apart, blushing.

"We should start heading out again, while the skies are still clear," Doc informed. "Yeah," Warren replied.

We all climbed into the truck and started driving. "So," Addy started, "Did you find anything she you were searching the town?" I handed her my bag. "Water, Twinkies, and first aid kit with some bandages, aspirin, ibprofen, and some other medical supplies," I mentioned. "Nice find kid! We should send you and 10k on more runs!" Doc exclaimed with delight.

While we were driving, we pulled up to a house. It looked like it hadn't even been touched by the apocalypse. It reminded me of the time before all of this. The summer air with a fall breeze. We decided to stop at the house for the night because we were all tired from the day we had just lived.

"It looks like there is three rooms and two couches, so it looks like were gonna have to share," "10k and I will share," I said holding hands with him again. "Okay then. Mack and Addy will share, Cassandra and I will share, and Doc and Murphy will take the couches," Warren replied.

After a long cold night, the morning sun finally broke through the window in my bedroom.

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