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1. New People

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-Amanda's POV-

So far it been 3 years since the apocalypse. I have been living on my own ever since. I really haven't found trust in any groups that I have met along with. Most of the groups are just men... and it would make me feel insecure being the only girl.

For about the last few months I have been able to establish a place I can call home. Since I really don't like to eat much, food has been easy to build up. I have about two months worth.

Every once in awhile I go on runs for basic supplies like gas, food, and water.

I was walking down the road when I approached a gas station. There was three pumps but luckily one of them worked. I got about two gallons which is really amazing in 3A.Z. There wasn't a Z in sight until I heard rustling inside the store. I gripped my knife tightly and opened up the door, and they all piled out. There wasn't that many so I could handle them. After I finished giving mercey, I felt the ground have small vibration. Suddenly a Black Truck drove up to one of the gas pumps. There looked like there was five of them, three males and two females. "Its alright, were good people," a black women said with a calm voice. "My name is Roberta Warren. This is Doc, Murphy, Cassandra, and 10k," she said. "My name is Amanda, but you can call me Aj," I told them. "Nice to meet you!" Cassandra said. I smiled at her and she smiled back... I felt like we were gonna be good friends. "Do you wanna join us? We got plenty of room," Warren asked. I nodded my head in agreement. "Are we gonna pick up every person we find?!" Murphy said sarcasticly. "We took you, didn't we?" Roberta said, making the group laugh. I finally found a group I felt that I fit in with. "Did you clear this place yet?" 10k asked. "Not yet. I got the Z's down, but not the supplies," I replied. 10k and I walked into the store and started clearing the shelves. "Twinkies!" I heard 10k say to himself. I smiled in amusement. He looked over at me and blushed. When we made eye contact, it felt so awkward so we both quickly looked down to the ground.

When we finally took all the supplies. We left the store and hopped into the truck. "I have a shelter about three miles up this road. There is about two months food and water. There is basicly no Z's. I haven't seen one around my place in a few weeks," I mentioned. "Sounds good!" Roberta replied. "There is three bedrooms so we are gonna have to share," I told he rest of the group. "I get my own room!" Murphy said. "Well, there is gonna have to be two people in each room," I said to Murphy. "I'll share with Aj!" 10k exclaimed. We all stared at him fr a second ... "Lover boy!" Doc called out. 10k's cheeks turned bright red. He turned and hid his face while the rest of us were still laughing.

After about ten minutes, we finally arrived at the shelter I formed. We all got out of the truck and went inside. "Nice place," Doc said. "Thanks," I acknowledged. I cooked up some dinner and served it to the group. Everyone thanked me. It was nice to have contact with people. I finished dinner first, and went up to my room. I felt like someone was following me. I shut my door and quickly opened it back up hitting 10k in the face. "Sorry!" I said trying so hard not to laugh. I invited him in my room. I sat down next to him on my bed and we started talking, "Why 10,000?" I asked. "Its how many Z's I'm gonna kill," he replied. "How many are you at?" I asked again. "6,514," he says. Wow. "So, what happens when you reach 10,000?" I ask again. "I change my name," "To what? 20,000?" I say jokingly. "No, Jeff. I like the name Jeff," he explains. I hear a knock at the door. "Come in!" I announced. It was Roberta,"Its getting pretty late, you should go to bed," "Okay, Mom," I joked. Warren cracked a smile on her face, and I smiled back. I crawled under my covers and 10k just stood against the wall, like he was afraid. "Can I-" I cut him off. "Sure," I pretended to fall asleep, and I felt an arm lay on my waist. I felt safe and secure in his arms, like there wasn't an apocalypse. I smiled and fell asleep.

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