10. Treasure

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The daylight broke, glaring into my eyes. The sound of me standing up wakes up the group. "Sorry!" I apologize. "It's okay," Warren replies. "I'm gonna take a walk down the road," I say to Warren. "Dont go far. 10k go with her, just in case," she tells us. "Okay!"
10k and I start walking down the road. After about ten minutes, we start to see a building. "Is that a Antique Museum?" 10k askes. "Well, that's what the sign says, " I say. We both smile at each other. We walked into the Antique place and there was no Z's in sight. "Check this out!" I say pointing out something. I grab a chair and prop it against a wall. I climb up on the chair and i grab a glass case of the wall. I used the chair to crack open the case. I bent down and picked up the katana that lay in it. "Do you even know how to use that?" 10k asks. "I'm pretty sure I could use this. Before the apocalypse, I was the star hitter on my softball team," I reply. I stay there as 10k runs off to a section of the place. About five minutes later, he came running back. "Look what I found!" He says excitingly. 10k hands me a pearl necklace with a peace charm hanging from the pearl chain. "Thank you! Its beautiful," I say pulling into a hug with him. I turn around grabbing a antique swiss knife. "What's that for?" 10k questions. "Its for Julia, I wanted to get her something she could use," I say answering him. "Then we should probly get gift for everyone," 10k replies. We got a charm bracelet for Warren, a watch for Doc, a beautiful gold necklace with a mermaid decoration for Addy, a World War II comabt knife for Mack, and an old Fighter Pilot jacket for Murphy. "Don't you want anything?" I ask him. He reached over and grabbed some ninja stars. "Cool!" I say admiring the antique stars.
We hiked back to camp, handing out all the gifts. "Thanks," the group replied with pleasure. "No problem, its the least we could do, I mean, like, you took us in and gave us supplies, and you've been the best people ever! So, Thank you!" I reply with gratitude.

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