17. Really?

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We spent the last day driving. It has been awhile since we have even saw a town, or even a house. We are really deep in the country. "Are we there yet!" I whined to Warren. "A few more hours," she simply replied. I turned to Dallas. He was sleeping and he looked absolutely adorable. "Wake up dude," I whispered as I nudged his arm. "What?" He groaned. "I'm bored, entertain me," I smiled. "Nah," he closed his eyes ad leaned back. "Stop," I nudged his arm, but he wouldnt open his eyes, "Stop, I will sit on you," He just smiled. I moves over and sat on him, "Julia hand me that marker," I whispered as I pointed to the floor. She grabbed it and handed to me. I opened the cap as quietly as I could, and then procided to draw on his face. I don't think he noticed at first, but I made it a little obvious by telling everyone to look at his face. "Get rekt son!" I laughed and he just stared at me with a dirty look. "Oh C'mon, you love me," I nudged his arm for the third time today. Followed by me, he nudged my arm, pushing me against the door. By now we were "fighting" as they call it. He is so adorable. Honestly, I do like him. I just don't want to get attached again.
"Warren! Look!" Julia pointed to a small trailer. "Good eye," she replied as she turned into the drive way.
10k's POV
Aj and Dallas have been really close lately. I really hate not being with her. I don't know what got into me. Cas just like played with my brain somehow to make me think I hate her. Maybe if I apologize, she will take me back. Yeah, right. I am so stupid. How could I do this to her. "10k! Come here!" Aj shouted. What's up?" I smirked. "Warren wants you a Cas to take the bike up the road to see if there is a place we can get water," she quickly turned away and ran to Dallas. I watched him swing his arm around her. I really like her. I had her. She was mine. My thoughts were interrupted by Cas, "C'mon, lets go. You don't need her anymore, you've got me," she smiled and walked over the the bike with ms closely following.
Aj's POV
"10k and Cas has been gone awhile. Do you think they could've ran into trouble?" Julia asked. "Them two? No doubt about it, but 10k's smart, he'll find a way back. If not, we will looking in an hour," Doc replied. "Where's Murphy? I haven't seen him since got here.," I said. "I think he went down in the basement, but he might be in on of the bedrooms," Warren explained.
I got up and walked over the the basement steps. I slowly crept down them in search of Murphy. I could hear heavy breathing. I grasped my knife, just in case. I finished the last step looking around the room. "Murphy?" There he was. His skin lay on the floor in sheets, "What the heck?"

Alright there was the much requested chapter. Sorry it is so short. I am waiting this fall for Season 2, so until then, this will be the last chapter. OnHold for Season 2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for 6,200+ reads. I didn't think this book would be this big, I just wrote it for fun. So give me some comments!!!! Should Aj and Dallas have a thing with each other or nahhhhhh? Give me some ideas! thanksss

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