Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Again

	I put Emilia into a red dress

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I put Emilia into a red dress. Paul put Apollo into a little sweater and some legging type pants. I then dressed Dahlia into a yellow dress. I put little shoes on each of their feet.

Paul got their diaper bags. We put them into their carseats and into my car. Paul got into the driver's seat.

"Now call if you need anything." Sam stated.

"I know." I stated. I was excited to see Leah and show her the triplets. 

"Goodbye Sam." Paul called from the car. I laughed while walking to the passenger side. I pulled on my seat belt as Paul started to drive.

The drive to the Cullen's was quiet. We pulled up to the house. I got out of the car. Paul followed my lead. I grabbed onto Emilia and Dahlia's car seats while Paul got Apollo's car seat out.

"Welcome home." I whispered to myself. I walked up the stairs with Paul following after me.

Paul opened the door. "We're here." I called. Emmett and Jasper were their first.

"Artemis." They greeted me.

"I would hug you but." I joke.

"Who are these guys?" Emmett asked.

"This is Apollo Carlisle Lahote." Paul stated.

"And these girls are Emilia Jasmine Lahote," I tilt my head towards her. "And this one is Dahlia Esme Lahote."

"They're beautiful." I turn towards Rosalie.

"Thank you." I smile brightly. "Apollo is your godson if you want him to be." I state to Emmett and Rose.

"Of course." Emmett then walked towards Paul.

"Can I hold him?" Paul handed Emmett the car seat which was quickly abandoned.

"Jasper," He looked towards me. "If you will be Emilia's godfather." Jasper smiled.

"I would love to." He then took Emilia. I took Dahlia out of her car seat and headed to the living room. Paul had wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

Emmett and Rosalie were gushing over Apollo and Alice and Jasper were gushing over Emilia.

"Let me see my grandbaby." Esme started walking over quickly. "Can I hold her?" I nodded and handed her over. And Esme and Carlisle were gushing over Dahlia.

Me and Paul sat down on the couch. His arm was around the back of the couch. I turned my head towards the door when I heard footsteps. Edward walks in with I assume his daughter.

"Artemis," He greeted.

"Edward." Wow, could this be more awkward. Jacob, Leah, and Seth walk in.

"You have beautiful children." Edward stated. I sighed deeply.

"Look, we don't have to do small talk. We made each miserable. And we're still doing it." I state.

"I know and that's mostly my fault. I'm sorry." Edward said.

"I guess I'm sorta sorry too." I said quietly. I was in a sense. I was sorry I didn't end it with him before he broke me. I was sorry I made him miserable. But I am not sorry for how I reacted when he hurt me. I will never be sorry for that.

"Can we be civil?" I nodded. There was no reason to fight. We're parents now. Although if Bella tries me I will not hesitate to cut her.

"Alright, one of you needs to hand over one of my babies." I stated, standing up from the couch.

Jasper walked over with a smile handing me Emilia. I heard Paul stand up rather fast. I turned towards him to see him glaring.

I turned to see what he was glaring at, it was both the Clearwaters. "Paul?"

"Outside. Now." His voice came out kind of distorted. The Clearwaters wore guilty expressions walking after Paul.

"Hold her." I said, handing Emilia back to Jasper. I ran outside at full speed.

"Really?!" Paul asked.

"Paul, we can't control it anymore than you can!" Leah yelled.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"We may have sort of imprinted," Seth stated. The poor boy looked scared out of his mind. I understood. "You imprinted on Dahlia?" Seth nodded.

"You imprinted on Apollo?" I asked, turning towards Leah. She nodded her head. "I guess it's a family affair." I joked. I walked down the stairs and wrapped my arms around Paul's torso.

"I love you." I then kissed his cheek. "Calm down." Paul nodded before burying his face in my shoulder.

After a minute we pulled away. "No need to be angry." I stated.

"She's right. I'm sorry for how I reacted." Paul stated.

"We understand." Seth stated before hopping up the steps and back into the house.

"Leah, are we good?" Paul asked.

"Of course. I don't understand your point of view but I understand the love between a father and a daughter. My dad would have freaked out too." Leah then walked back towards the house.

"They got it better than Embry." I stated.

"Yeah. I got a few hits on him." I laughed thinking about when Embry imprinted on Emilia. Embry had a broken arm which was an overreaction.

But it was right after they were born and we were both rather emotional. So Paul broke his arm. 

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