Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve: Broken Bones

	I stood in all black waiting for the newborns

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I stood in all black waiting for the newborns. Emmett stood to my side. I had my hands in my pockets.

I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves. "If any of you die, I'll kill Edward so if you want him to live you better survive." I joked. Rosalie and Emmett laughed, Alice and Jasper smiled while Carlisle and Esme just shot me a look.

"Maybe I'll die on purpose then. I mean if you keep your promise." Emmett joked back. I smiled.

"I'm still mad at the wench who ruined my sweater. Like I might have just handed Bella over if she didn't ruin it. She made it personal." I sighed. Esme gave me a look.

"What?" I asked, looking at everyone staring at me.

"Seriously? Is that all you think about? The sweater?" Rosalie asked.

"It was a good sweater." I pouted.

"It was a good sweater." Alice agreed.

"Thank you! And I'm only here to make sure you all don't kick the bucket again. I'm not here because of Bella and I'm not here because I want to be." I stated.

"I love you guys." Alice stated. I smiled, giving her a quick hug. There was a course of I love yous happening.

I closed my eyes and listened. Not all too far away, leaving crunched under the feet of the newborn army. Twigs snapped.

Pound. Pound. Pound. Their feet hit the ground loudly as they ran towards the scent of blood without care. They were ravenous. They weren't in their right minds.

I opened my eyes. "There coming." I heard Esme state. This could be the last time I see any of them. This could be it.

My eyes trained to the tree line waiting nervously. The pounding of feet getting louder. When they broke through it was like time stopped for a minute. Not long. But in a time like this I felt like I had been standing in the same stop for eternity.

Jasper signaled for us to go. Right off the bat he beheaded a newborn with one punch. I ran faster than everyone else on the battlefield.

I grabbed a girl by the throat. I ripped off her right arm and snapped her head off. Her head rolled and it gave me some sick satisfaction.

I enjoyed the monster under my skin. Even though we fought well we were just out numbered. When each family member was being teamed up on, that growl got closer. Sam came first launching over the boulder immediately taking out a newborn.

The other wolves followed suit. Quickly they attacked, helping me and my family. Paul was the one that ripped off some of the newborns.

"Thank you." I said. I received a nod before he ran off back to the fight. I grabbed a guy and banged his head off my knee, cracking off his face with force. I ripped off the head of a boy attacking Leah.

She nodded her head. I simply smiled before heading to take care of some more. I slid under one of the wolves. I popped up yanking the girl off of a shifter. I don't remember this one. I pulled the girl into my arms, my arms around her neck.

I squeezed tightly. The sickening crack made me want to smile. I did smile when I looked around and there was nothing but a fire and the dead newborns and a girl stood beside Carlise and Esme. She in herself looked terrified.

I made my way over to my family. "Are you over your sweater?" Emmett asked.

"Is the wench burnt and dead?" I asked, smiling.

"Yes." I turned towards Edward. It was weird not hurting as much seeing Bella curled under his arm. I sighed and turned towards the girl.

"I'm Artemis."

"I'm Bree." The girl had long dark hair, pale skin and red eyes.

I felt my stomach drop when I heard a scream. I turned and saw a withering form on the floor. Everything seemed to stop. Every word I've ever said, every thing I've ever thought, I knew about pain disappeared.

Watching him cry out on the ground. His body withering and broken. It was a sight I knew would be ingrained into my mind forever. I was there in seconds.

"Paul," My voice cracked. I couldn't do anything. My blood won't heal shifters while their own body's are healing.

"Artemis." I was on my knees on the ground next to his head. His pack came out of the forest all changed back.

"I had him." Leah insisted.

"Shut it." Jared snapped. Think Artemis. Think. I grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"I can explain later. As of right now I'm taking his pain." I hadn't realized I had been crying until I felt the tear land on my hand. I held his hand tightly as black veins traveled up arms from his.

I could feel the pain be transferred into my body. "Stop!" Rosalie yelled.

"He's in pain." I snapped.

"Your nose is bleeding. Stop." Rose stated. I placed my other hand under my nose to find out she was in fact right.

I laid his hand down gently. Paul had passed out due to the pain not being as bad. "The bones on the right side of his body are crushed. They're healing wrong. I will have to reset them."

"The voltaire will be here soon. They won't accept a treaty with the wolves." Edward stated.

I glared at him, tears still streaming down my face. "We'll take him to Billy's." The pack picked up the unconscious Paul and ran off into the forest on their way back to La push.

I just stared at where they had left. "Come on." Jasper started lifting me up from the floor. "He'll be fine but right now you need to sober up." I nodded and wiped my face before heading over to the rest of my family. 

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