Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Dang it Jacob!

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Dang it Jacob!

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I kissed Apollo's head softly. Emilia was in Paul's arms and Emily was spending time with her goddaughter. It has been two days since their birth and they look 2 to 3 months old.

"Alright time to trade." I said to Paul. He happily gave me Emilia and took Apollo. We're trying to spread our time evenly. Apollo looks the most like Paul.

Emilia looked like a mix between us and Dahlia looks like me. I kissed Emilia's head. We were staying at Emily's house. We were looking for a house but Sam had stated it was safer until the Bella problem was solved to stay here.

Sue had been over the past two days to check on me and the triplets. I healed almost immediately after giving birth. Another vampire perk. And my energy had come back.

We found out rather quickly that Apollo can turn himself and other people and things invisible and that's why we hadn't heard his or Emilia's heartbeat.

Emilia has telekinesis. We found that out when she threw her bottle at Jareds head with her mind.

Dahlia can teleport. She did it when we were putting them down to sleep. Dahlia had teleported herself into Paul's arms.

"I can't wait for this mess to be over." Emily stated. I nodded.

"I know. I'm just happy Paul was here when I gave birth." I stated.

"Yeah I'm glad to. My hand wouldn't have recovered as fast." Emily laughed.

"In my defense I was in pain." I stated. Paul looked over at me with a smile.

"I would have let you break it a hundred more times." Paul stated, kissing my head before going back to making faces at Apollo.

"You two are sickenly sweet." Emily stated. I laughed.

"You and Sam aren't any better." Paul scoffed. I stopped laughing when my phone rang. I got up and walked over to the play pin in the living room. I placed Emilia in it before speeding up the stairs for my phone.

Emmett's name played across the screen. I hadn't taken to any of them since the call from Carlisle. I bit my lip while answering the phone.

"Hi Em." I said.

"Arty," My heart felt as though it would stop.

"Are you okay?" I found myself asking.

"We're fine. Renesmee was born about an hour ago. Your wolves are headed home. Jacob imprinted." I took a deep breath.

"So she can't be harmed, meaning you guys are safe." My heart felt lighter.

"How are you?" He asked.

"Good. The babies were born." I stated.

"That's goo-I'm sorry did you say babies?" I found myself laughing lightly.

"I had triplets. I would love for you to meet them. I know we haven't exactly been on the same page and that I haven't been there for you guys but I would love for you to meet your nieces and nephew." I stated.

"I would love to." I heard Emmett laugh. "Rose is telling me the sooner the better."

"Maybe in a few days. Is Bella in transition?" I asked.

"Yeah." Emmett stated.

"Then why not tomorrow. That way the triplet won't be in danger." I stated.

"Of course. I'll see you then. Love you."

"Love you." I then hung up my phone. I was just so happy he wasn't mad.

I would understand if he was. I mean I didn't tell anyone about my pregnancy and I even helped the pack go against them.

I walked down the stairs. "We're going to Cullen's tomorrow." I state.

"What about the triplet's? I mean I know there your family but," Paul trailed off. I knew what he was thinking.

He didn't trust them around our babies because of their blood. I understand. I get it. But we're going.

"Everything will be fine. Plus their blood is far from appealing. I can smell it." I stated sitting down next to him. He now had Dahlia in his arms and Apollo was in the play pin with Emilia.

"How do you know it's not just because you're their mother?" He asked. He was worried as every new father would be. I'm a little worried but more so that Bella will wake up while we're there.

"Because you're their father. Shifter blood smells bad because you're our enemy. It makes it easier to smell. It makes your blood completely unappealing." I said. "Everything will be fine. And if anything goes wrong, and that's a strong if, then we'll both be there to save the day. And so will Leah, Seth, and Jacob."

"Okay." I kissed his cheek while taking the baby. "Hey, that's not fair."

"All is fair in love and war, my love." I smiled at him.

He huffed. Apollo and Emilia were asleep while Dahlia was the only one awake. "I gave birth to them and I get first dibs." I stated. He rolled his eyes, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

The wolves then came in huffing and puffing about the imprint. The most common words were Dang it Jacob!

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