Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen: Crimes

Chapter Thirteen: Crimes

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I stood next to Jasper. On his other side stood a shaking Bree. I slowly walked around her and Jasper to stand on the other side.

"It'll be fine." I reassured her. The footsteps got closer. They were much lighter than the Newborns.

They walked out of the woods. They stood in front of our family. Alec turned and set his glare on me while Jane and Carlisle talked.

"I know you're not staring at me." I started sneering at the boy.

"Not much to stare at. You look awful. Have you ever heard of makeup?" I glared. A small smile twitching on my face.

"I look way better than you will ever. I know it. You know it. You lackeys and their staring know it." I looked toward Felix and Demitri, staring at me. Alec turned a glare now really on his pale face.

The two who were hunger-staring at me turned away. "Enough with your playfulness." Jane snapped. She always snapped at the worst times and it's always on me and Alec.

I mean how rude. That's why me and Alec get along. He needed an escape here and there from his sister.

"It seems you missed one." Jane's statement made me glare. "Who made you?" Bree screamed and fell to the ground.

I stepped in front of Bree, my body shook from pain. I didn't fall nor did I falter. "She will tell you anything you want to know." I seethed out through gritted teeth. Alec placed one of his gloved hands on his sister's arm.

My body relaxed when she stopped the pain. I wobbled slightly leaning on Emmett. "I don't know. Riley wouldn't tell us. He said our minds weren't safe." Bree stated. She was cowering on the ground.

"Her name is Victoria. Perhaps you knew her." Edward stated.

"Now, if the volturi knew they would have stopped her. Isn't that right Jane?" Carlisle asked. Jane hesitated a millisecond.

"Of course." Her voice slightly strained.

"Felix, take care that I would like to go home." Jane ordered a gesture towards Bree.

"No." I stepped in front of the girl again. "She is a child!"

"She has broken the rules." Jane stated. Her voice shook though, showing she was scared of me.

"It is a crime to make a newborn army, but it is not a crime to be turned. And you were a little too late to take care of the one that committed the crime." I glared. "If you touch her I will burn everything your "Masters" have worked so hard for." I seethed. Jane gupled.

She then led the rest of them away. I turned ready to go and find Paul. They said he was at Billy's. I'll get a ride with Carlisle.

We ran home where he packed his bag. I stood by the door well aware of the eyes on me. I would deal with them later. All that mattered now was Paul.

Carlisle was finishing packing his doctor bag. "I'm going with you." Bella scoffed.

"The pack will never let you do that." She almost laughed, like this was a joke.

"It's not who's gonna let me, it's who's going to stop me." I stated.

"The pack will." She said almost smugly. I turned glare on my face.

"Shut your mouth before I tear out your tongue." I gritted out. I followed Carlisle towards his car ignoring my family's calls.

The car ride was silent. When we pulled up I jumped out of the car. Everyone stared, but no one made a move to tell me to leave. "Stay here Artemis." Carlisle stated.

"Why?" I was outraged.

"You won't like what you see." Carlisle gave me a knowing look before heading inside. I sat myself on a log. I could feel everyone's gaze.

"What?" I snapped. Leah was the only girl so I knew it was her. She sat next to me.

"You're crying." She stated. I whipped my face.

"Thanks." I heard him scream. I winced. I picked up a rock and held it in my hand. Hoping the piece of Earth would ground me. But when he let out another pain filled scream. I broke.

I squeezed my hand shut. The rock broke. It splintered into many pieces. They jabbed into my hand, blood dripped and fell to the ground.

My lip started to quiver. I sat there for almost an hour. It was quiet but it was far from peaceful. When Carlisle walked out I stood very quickly.

"He's going to be fine. He needs some rest." He then looked towards me. "He's asking for you. Well, more like demanding I let you go in there, but."

I turn towards Billy. "Can I?" I asked quietly.

"Go on." I nodded and vamped inside. He laid in what looked to be a guest room. I walked over towards him.

"Hey," I looked at him sharply.

"Don't hey me. You go out there and almost get yourself killed." My voice broke. "You promised me. You promised you wouldn't leave me. What was I supposed to do if, if, if. God, I can't even say it." Tears fell from my eyes.

"I'm still here. I didn't leave." He reached out and grabbed my hand. He pulled me so I would sit next to him on the bed.

"But, you almost did. I couldn't handle it if you died." He smiled softly,

"You could. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for." Paul stated. He moved his hand to my cheek.

"Maybe I don't want to see a world without you in it." When he looked me in my eyes. My world stopped. Those soft brown eyes. The look he had in them.

I leaned in slowly. He did too. Our lips met in the middle. The kiss was like everything I had ever dreamed of. It was soft and sweet. I melted.

Our lips moved in sync. It became more passionate by the second. I pulled away. He made an annoyed noise throwing his head back onto the pillow. It was childish and made me laugh.

He smiled. Was his goal to make me laugh? He held my hand. "Can you just stay?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Just stay here. Hold my hand." I nodded and slipped under the covers. He wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me close. Held me near his chest almost as if I was the prized treasure he had been looking for.

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