Chapter Twenty-Five

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Fate

I was sitting down on the couch at Emily's

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I was sitting down on the couch at Emily's. Today we were telling the pack and I couldn't be more nervous. What if they freak out? I don't need any angry wolves to deal with. Not while I have a half vampire half wolf shifter growing inside my stomach.

Paul kissed my head lightly before sitting next to me handing me one of Emily's muffins. I took a bite with a large sigh.

"Everything will be fine." Paul reassured me. I mean I love the wolf back. I do. And I trust them with my undead and immortal life, just how I trust that they have Paul's back. But the issue is when upset enough even the most in control shifter will shift.

"I know. And I trust them, I'm just worried." I stated. It had been 2 days since I told Carlisle and I looked four or five months pregnant. I knew the baby would grow fast but this fast was crazy. It was two and 3 days since we had sex for the first time. So a little of two weeks I shouldn't be this big but whatever. And I've really puffed up the last few days.

The door opens and every back member comes rushing in. I was covered up with a blanket so they couldn't see my stomach. And despite my hunger increase of normal food and animal blood plus being tired and cold I looked great.

Another first vampire perk to add to my list. "Sit down." Sam ordered the pack. They sat in chairs and or on the floor.

"What's going on?" Leah asked. I took a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant." I blurted out. It was easier than the explanation at first.

"What?!" Was the reaction. Well Seth had his mouth open in shock, his eyes had settled on my covered stomach.

"We didn't know it could happen. But it did. We just thought you should know." Paul stated.

"Oh and Bella is also pregnant. I think I let that out." I bit my lip as everyone's eyes widened even more, excluding Paul.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Sam asked.

"I didn't mean to not tell you. I was going through a lot of emotions. Like I am now." My eyes tear up. It wasn't even anything to cry over, he hadn't even raised his. Yet I was about to cry. Stupid hormones.

Emily walked over and sat on my right. She placed a hand on my shoulder. "What do you know about the Bella situation?" Leah asked, gently.

"Not much. Carlisle just said they were worried for her health. The baby is growing just as fast as my baby. Her body isn't strong enough for the child. Her body is compatible with the fetus." I said.

"So it's killing her?" Sam asked but it was less of a question and more of a statement. I could almost see the wheels turning. The baby was killing Bella. And that meant it could kill any other human.

They were made to protect humans and it sucks because that's what they have to do above anything else. Keeping the baby is not only killing Bella but putting others at risk.

And my heart breaks slightly when I see the decision was made. They weren't or couldn't save Bella or her baby. They were doing what would be best.

Her baby was violent in the womb, mine is calm and craves human food more than blood. My body is compatible. Bella is going to die and it's going to be for nothing.

"Sam?" Paul called out. Paul shook his head. "No."

"It has to be done, Paul. Bella's baby is going to kill her and anyone else it wants." Sam stated. The other wolves were starting to catch on.

"I can't." Paul stated. "I won't, Sam."

"Paul." Sam looks at him.

"Sam, I can't. I won't be able to. I can't kill a baby." Paul stated. He had wrapped an arm around me. His hand rested on my stomach. Sam's face washed over with understanding.

"You won't have to. I mean at this rate Artemis could give birth tomorrow or in a week. You will need to stay here." Paul nodded as he swallowed hard.

"We can't just kill Bella!" Jacob yelled.

"Jake, sit down!" Sam said harshly.

"No! We shouldn't be here talking about killing Bella. She's innocent, we protect the innocent." I almost scoffed. She was far from innocent. But despite myself I was still down.

I don't like talking about killing a baby. Especially while pregnant. I stood from the couch not wanting to listen in anymore. I may hate Bella but my heart breaks for her. I never thought I would think that.

"Why does Artemis get to live then? Why isn't her fate being thrown in the air?" I slowly turned towards them. I heard a growl, I shook it off knowing it was from Paul.

"Artemis is family. Artemis and that baby are pack!" Sam yelled. Paul had stood from the couch.

"Plus she can't die." Leah chimed in.

"Shut it!" Jacob snapped. I was done with him. I sped over grabbing him by the throat.

"No you." I hissed. I pressed him hard into the wall but not enough to break it.

"You little bi-" I squeezed his throat tighter.

"Shut up and listen!" I compelled him. "No one loves killing a baby. No one is happy about it. They are trying to keep everyone safe. No one has any clue what mine or Bella's babies will bring and they are worried. But my baby isn't killing me. I'm not becoming anemic because of it. My baby is going to be half shifter. And I will hear none of you trying to decide mine or my baby's fate. Now if you have something to say, keep it to yourself if you want to keep your ribcage!" I dropped him to the floor.

I huffed and walked to the kitchen. Now I was hungry. Great!

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