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Okay so I know you guys have been waiting for an update. Well I have decided to rewrite this story from the beginning and in 3rd person. I feel like I've grown as a writer since I first wrote this and I like writing in 3rd person more. There will be no more updates on this story anymore. But I will be posting in another story the chapters I redo until the story is finished completely. I felt like you guys deserved to know. 

The next story will have better dialog but the same gist and plotlines. I also want to go more in detail with Artemis's past and relationships with her family and later Paul. I hope you enjoy it. 

Here's the new prolog.


Artemis stood on the porch of the Cullen home. Her back was facing the door as she stared off into the woods, silent tears falling from her eyes as she stood there. Her heart pounded loudly in her ears, she felt as though her heart was breaking.

She was hurting so deeply and she honestly wondered if her family knew. Edward didn't care, of course he didn't. No one ever really had, why did she think that this was different? He was bringing her home.

Isabella Swan.

The name burned her, the woman who took her husband. Who had come out of nowhere and got involved with the family of vampires. It hurt so bad. Artemis placed her hand on her chest over her heart, digging her fingertips into her skin.

A small cry died in her throat, the tears falling faster as she tried to breath in deeply. It was like she couldn't catch her breath, not that she really needed to breathe. The worst part was he was bringing her home.

The petulant child he left her for. He was bringing her to Artemis's home. The place she felt most safe. The town, her family. He was bringing her so much pain and he didn't even care. The couple was lucky Artemis didn't feel up to murder.

It felt as though he was just shoving it in her face at this point. That he wanted her to be in pain as she watched as he moved on. Artemis didn't know what she did to him to make him hate her so much. She had thought they were in love a little more than a week ago. She started to think differently less than a week ago when he didn't show up to school.

Artemis didn't care to acknowledge when the door was opened. She wanted to be left alone in her heartbreak. To cry and moan about how much it hurts without feeling guilty. She knew that wasn't going to happen in a house full of vampires.

A gentle hand was laid on Artemis's shoulder. The older vampire didn't turn to look back at him. She knew who it was. Her brother in all except blood, Emmett. He reminded her so much of her older brother Apollo.

The same loud obnoxious humor that no one completely gets but loves anyway. The huge stature and hard muscle with a soft personality. Emmett was one of her favorite people in the world.

Emmett had even given her the same stupid nickname that Apollo had. 'Arty'. She had hated it when she was human, she had practically begged him not to call her that anymore. Apollo would laugh each time she did and ruffle her hair with a bright smile. Brighter than the sun, Artemis had decided long ago when she couldn't see it anymore.

Emmett didn't say anything as he pulled her into his arms wrapping them around the older vampire's shoulders. She turned into him and buried her face into his chest as her body racked with sobs of sorrow. "It's not fair." Artemis' words were muffled by Emmett's shirt.

"I know." Emmett sighed as he placed his chin on top of his pseudo sister's head. Artemis pulled away and looked back towards the woods, her hand on her throat, maybe she was hoping it would help her swallow her heart which had climbed into her throat.

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