Chapter Thirty-Two

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Chapter Thirty-Two: Immortals

	I walked up the stairs to my old home, Paul followed shortly after with the triplets on his back

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I walked up the stairs to my old home, Paul followed shortly after with the triplets on his back. His large paws were placed heavily in a threatening manner. We stopped by the open doorway of the living room.

I helped all three of them down from Paul's back. "Go get dressed." I told Paul softly. The wolf nodded as he walked back out of the door. I turned to my kids and helped them take off their winter jackets.

I put all three jackets on the coat rack before walking further into the living room. Emilia ran quickly to Carlilse, the girl giggling lightly when he picked her up. Apollo had walked over to Rosalie and leaned his head into her side. Daliah stood by the door waiting for Paul to return.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked as he saw the look on my face. I shook my head softly.

"I don't-" I was cut off by Paul walking in. The man grunted as Daliah threw herself into him. Paul's dangerous manner quickly faded as he pulled the blonde little girl into his arms.

Paul placed her on his hip and kissed her head softly. I smiled as I walked over to the two, Paul wrapping his free arm around my shoulder.

"We saw Irina." Bella stated as she burst in with Renesmee.

"What do you mean?" Emmett asked as he placed his hand on Apollo's shoulder protectively. Carlisle placed Emilia back onto her feet.

"I'll call Eleazar." Carlisle stated as he quickly left the room. I leaned deeper into Paul's embrace.

"I'll be fine." Paul whispered softly into my ear. I took a deep breath as I picked up Emilia. I placed her on my hip and looked at Apollo who now rested in Rosalie's arms.

The boy had his head resting on his god-mothers shoulder. I smiled at the sight of them. All Rosalie ever wanted was a child and I had three. It made me feel selfish.

I shook the thought from my head as I turned and kissed Paul's cheek. "I know." I told him.

Anything that came after my family would burn. Everything would be fine when the ash settles.

Charlise came back into the room with his cell phone in his hand, a somewhat troubled look on his face.

"Tanya said that they convinced Irina to make amends with Bella and Artemis after the wedding." Carlisle stated.

"Seeing Jacob and Paul must have been too much for her." Esme sympathized. I rolled my eyes when Bella began to speak.

"I just wished I could have spoken to her." Bella stated.

"It's not about speaking with her, Bella." I stated. "It's about the fact she blames us for Leuraunt being a backstabbing traitor." I hissed out.

"Well maybe if someone hadn't slapped her at my wedding she would have been open to speaking." Bella stated harshly. I scoffed loudly.

"So this is my fault?" I was ignored as Edward spoke up.

"She's family. She'll come around." Edward stated. Alice walks past the doorway when the vase in her hands goes crashing towards the ground. Jasper sped over towards her quickly.

"What is it Alice?" Jasper asked softly, concerned for his mate.

"The Volturi. They're coming for us. Aro, Caius, Marcus, the Guard, and...Irina." Alice stated. I could feel the betrayal coming from everyone in the room.

"Honey, come here." Bella called Renesmee. The girl went rushing over to her mother.

"Why?" Carlisle asked. Hurt was clear in his tone. I could feel his heartbreak as if it was my own.

"What did Irina see in the woods?" Edward asked.

"The kids were catching snowflakes." Paul stated. Edward looked at Carlisle reading his mind.

"Of course, Irina thinks they're immortal children." Edward stated. My eyes widened as I pulled Emilia closer to me.

My senses were amped up to a thousand. Paul leaned in closer with Daliah in between us. Emmett and Rosalie quickly made their way closer to us as we geared up tp learn more about the immortal children. 

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