Chapter Five

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Chapter Five: Boiling Blood

Chapter Five: Boiling Blood

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Artemis POV

I couldn't stop thinking about the wolf. He sat there and listened to me. Every complaint and every thought. He just looked at me as I talked. He didn't seem bored and he didn't seem like he wanted to run away.

I didn't tell him much about my past or what I was. I told him about Edward and that was it.

Apparently, Carlisle is forcing me along with my siblings to school. For safety. He just didn't want me and Edward to fight anymore.

Which in my opinion is absolutely not my fault. But anyways, Alice and Jasper took Jasper's motor cycle and Rosalie and Emmett took his jeep. I rode on the blood red harley I had left here when I ran to New York.

I got here right after Edward and Bella. I saw them and one of the shifters talking. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the group, my blonde hair swinging behind me as I walked.

"Is there a problem here?" I asked. I gave a side glance towards Bella and Edward.

"No." Edward replied immediately.

"Yes." Bella stated at the same time. The boy smirked slightly

"I really don't care but you're causing a scene." I started looking around at all the people staring. Edward gave somewhat of a smug look.

"They're thinking about you and your return." I turn and glare at Edward.

"And whose fault was it that I left in the first place?" I snapped. I turn towards the shifter. "I'm Artemis." I hold out my hand for him to shake. He seemed to have an inner conflict before placing his hand in mine.

"Jacob Black." I smiled at him.

"See, manners." I pat Edwards' shoulder. "Learn some." Jacob laughed.

"I like you." Jacob stated. I smiled again. I zoned out when Bella started talking again. She then left with Jacob.

I walked off. I didn't want to be near him more than I had to. Everyone expected me to be alright all of a sudden. I get it, it's been 16 months, over a year. I get it. I get that they don't understand. I mean how could they.

And just because I'm not breaking down at the sight doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt. I don't know how it feels because they were never alone. I mean Carlisle is the only one who gets my loneliness and Rosalie gets my sense of pain from choosing the wrong person to marry.

The rest of the day I got stares and whispers. People's pity from Bella taking Edward. I don't want pity. It never gets you anywhere. It doesn't make the pain go away. It doesn't make anything better.

Pauls POV

I was sitting in Emily's house. I was thinking about Artemis. Her light blonde hair and her crystal blue eyes. I have questions about how she bleeds and why her eyes are blue. I have so many questions about her life.

But, all that matters at the moment was that she found me easy to talk to. I mean I was in wolf form. I heard Jake's motorbike pull up. I smelled her. I knew Artemis wasn't here so he must have seen her.

I jumped up and walked outside almost getting shoved down because of the guys. He was with Bella. My face set into a glare. I already didn't like her but the fact she stole someone's husband didn't really sit right with me.

The boys teased Jake about his obsession with the in my eyes bland girl. They talked a little before the two left.

I stared at the muffin I had acquired somewhere and thought more about my imprint. Her natural waves in her hair. The specks of gold hidden in the blue. She was perfect.

"Paul?" Sam said as he waved a hand in my face.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You were kind of out of it. You stared at that muffin for a solid 5 minutes." Embry stated.

"Sorry," I stated.

"What were you thinking about?" Jared asked with a smirk. I shook my head."Come on, I just want to hear you say it."

"Say what?" I asked.

"Say that this imprint has gotten to you. Say that you were wrong and that imprints aren't the worst thing in the world." He smiled. I huffed. I didn't want to say it. I wasn't going to. He huffed and turned away. I stood and walked out. I wasn't upset, I just wanted to run.

Artemis POV

I walked into my home. Could I call it home? I mean it was once. I guess it still was. I just... I never felt like this was where I was supposed to end up and with the Edward situation. It doesn't really matter.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some water. I was getting ready to take a sip when I heard people talking.

"So you asked Bella to marry you?" Alice's voice rang out.

"Yes, and that's not really the point I'm worried about her. She's in La Push." Edward stated. My mind went blank.

"She'll be fine. Now back to the proposal. The ring, what does it look like?" Alice asked.

"It's bigger than the one I gave Artemis. I guess I knew it wasn't going to work out." Edward stated.

"I mean she would have married you with paper rings." Alice defended.

"It doesn't matter, I'm not even really sure I completely loved her." Then it snapped. The fuel I had was thrown into the raging fire. It was like my blood was cariseen and someone tossed a match in it making it boil.

I slammed down the water and walked out of the kitchen. I didn't want to look at him. If he never loved me, why say that he did? And why...why be married to me for 65 years? It didn't make sense. 

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