Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen: Cookies

	I was in the kitchen trying to bake some cookies for Paul

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I was in the kitchen trying to bake some cookies for Paul. The egg in my hand cracked, falling into the bowl shell and all.

I cursed under my breath trying to pluck the egg out. "I suck at cooking." I stated.

"For one you are baking." I turned and saw Emmett standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "You're the only one that can eat yet your cooking hasn't improved." Emmett teased.

"It's hard. And I suck at it." I sighed.

"I can help you." He stated.

"How? You don't eat." I stated,

"Yeah but you do. Who do you think helps Esme cook?" I glared at him.

"I'm trying to make chocolate chip cookies for Paul. But I can't even crack an egg right." Emmett let out a laugh.

"It's not funny." I said throwing an egg at him. He caught it gently making sure it didn't crack.

"It is kind of funny." Artemis started to laugh along with Emmett. He walked over and dumped the batter into the trash.

"Okay so," Emmett then explained how to make the cookies and even helped. There was a flour fight, but they ended up making pretty great cookies.

I got dressed in a white corset dress. It came to my mid thigh. I put the tupperware full of cookies into my bag. I put on some white flats.

I grabbed my keys and walked towards my blood red harley. I drove towards La Push. I pulled into Billy's house. I knocked on the door.

Jacob opened the door. "Hi. I'm looking for Paul." I stated.

"He was taken to Emily's. I can take you there." I hesitated.

"But that's where the imprints are. I wouldn't think the wolves would want me near them let alone their human imprints." Jacob nodded.

"You're also an imprint. That means your welcome. Plus the pack wants to meet you." Jacob stated. He walked out the door. "I'll walk you there." I nodded and followed him.

We walked for about 15 minutes before we came to a nice house. Jacob walked on in. He didn't knock. I was left there for a few seconds.

I raised my hand to knock when Emily I assumed opened the door. "Come on in." I walked into the house. "I'm Emily."

"I'm Artemis." I stated. "Do you know where Paul is?" I felt weird. All the stares made me uncomfortable.

"Yeah he's in the living room, Follow me." She led me to the living room. It was nice. I spotted Paul. I made my way over to him. I sat on the couch and curled into his side. He makes me feel safe.

"Are you okay?" He asked quietly. I nodded.

"A lot of people are staring." I stated. Paul turned and glared at all of the wolves. "Stop it." I hissed quietly.

"If they're making you uncomfortable they need to know so they don't do it anymore." Paul kissed my head.

"I'm used to the staring." I said. Paul kissed my lips.

"You shouldn't have to be." He kissed me again. A man came over to us. It seemed to be the oldest. He smiled softly.

"I'm Sam." I smiled at him. "I know this is probably uncomfortable in a house full of shifters but I want you to know you're always welcomed."

"Thank you." Paul pulled me closer. "Oh!" I called. Everyone turned towards me. "I made cookies. Well, Emmett did. I can't cook." I smiled sheepishly.

I pulled the container of chocolate chip cookies out of my bag. All the boys came from the kitchen and surrounded us. I handed the container to Paul.

He held them close to his chest. "These are mine!" he screeched. I raised an eyebrow at his behavior. They then tried to pry them out of Paul's hands.

I laughed along with the other imprints. I looked around at the smiling faces. I liked it here. I liked the pack.

Everyone failed to take the cookies from Paul. They huffed and sat back down. "Paul, can I have a cookie?" I asked gently. Everyone looked towards us.

He nodded. "Of course." He opened the container and handed me one. I kissed his cheek.

"Thank you." I then pulled away from him and took a bite of the cookie.

"Hey! Why does she get a cookie?" Embry called. Paul looked over his shoulder and towards the kitchen.

"She's my imprint. Of course she gets a cookie she helped bake." Paul stated.

"Plus, I'm hot." I mumbled. Everyone ahhed.

"Did you just call me ugly?" Embry asked. I smirked.

"No." I then smiled very sweetly. "But I didn't call you hot either."

Embry gasped. "How rude." He called. Everyone laughed. I smiled and laid my head on Paul's shoulder. He had his arm wrapped around my shoulder. 

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