Chapter Eight

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I love when people comment on things so please do. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any request please let me know. I have an idea for how it's going to go, but if you want little scenes than please comment. Also I do not do smut. Maybe some spice scenes but no smut. 

Chapter Eight: First Vampire Perks

Chapter Eight: First Vampire Perks

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I threw Emmett across the field. His body hit the dirt and slid. He jumped up. "Again!" he yelled.

"Give up already." Jasper stated. "You're never going to win."

"Like you could do any better, Major." I teased.

"Really?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, Really." Emmett ran at me trying to use Jasper as a distraction. I dropped to the ground when he basically flew at me. I popped up behind him grabbing the back of his neck. I tossed him towards Rose's feet.

He let out a groan but stayed on the ground. Jasper walked in front of me. We were getting ready to fight when Bella pulled up. When Jasper turned I jumped onto his back, waving at a laughing Alice.

"You fight dirty, Ma'am." Jasper gave a small chuckle before dropping me. My head snaps towards the woods upon hearing their hearts and breathing.

"They're here." Edward stated.

The wolves walk out of the woods. Paul met my gaze. He gave a dopy look. I smile at him softly.

"They don't trust us enough to be in their human forms." Edward scoffed.

"I don't think it has anything to do with trust. I mean we're dangerous and so are they. But we are dangerous and can protect ourselves all the time, they can't. I mean if you were a werewolf, and being in wolf form was the best way to protect yourselves and each other, and you had to meet up with people their tribe has seen as monsters, wouldn't you want to be in said wolf form?" I asked. The black wolf nodded his head slightly. The others looked at me in awe.

"But, I mean that's just what I believe. I don't really know." I quickly rambled out.

"Will you translate?" Carlisle asked Edward. He nodded. Him and Jasper then explained newborns and how to defeat them.

Emmett and Jasper fight, ending with Emmett down and Jasper victorious as usual. Jasper then turned towards me. "Artemis?" I nodded.

"Arty!" Emmett called. I turned. "Put him on his backside." I laughed and walked in front of Jasper.

3rd POV

This was a fight the wolves were iching to see. They wanted to know how Artemis differed from her family.

They danced around each other, after a few minutes Jasper took a move. He tried to punch her, only ending with his wrist caught in her hand. She twisted it behind his back before kicking behind his knee. He was put on his knees.

After just a few minutes it was clear she was faster. Maybe stronger. They knew she could bleed, and wanted to know more about the imprint.

"Give up?" Artemis asked, a smirk playing on her rose colored lips.

"No, Ma'am." He twisted himself around before trying to throw her to the ground. She did some kind of flip mid air landing on her feet. She dropped and kicked his feet out from under him. He landed on his back, hard. So hard that everyone including Bella had heard the small crack of porcelain.

"We're done." Jasper wheezed slightly. Artemis quickly walked over and helped him up. "I'm fine." He stated.

'Dude she is awesome." Seth exclaimed to Paul,

'I know.' Paul said in a dovey tone.

Artemis POV

I was worried I had hurt Jasper, but he said he was fine. I looked at the wolves. They were amazing. I always thought they were beautiful. I hate that they hate us.

Paul was looking at me. I liked the way he looked at me. I don't like that I like to be around him. That when he looks at me I feel like someone's seeing me. It makes me feel like I have to depend on him. And everytime I depend on someone they leave me.

I watched as everyone lost to Jasper, excpt Alice. Edward looked at Sam? I think the black wolf's name was. Anyway, he then looked towards me.

"They want to know why you bleed." Edward stated. I took a deep breath.

"I'm the first ever vampire. I was created to be a weapon. They made me do their bidding. I don't really remember how they did it. But when some tried to make another they died." I took a deep breath remembering my brother's death.

"But when I healed someone stole a vial of my blood they injected it into themselves. They were killed and woke up, like them." I say pointing towards my family. "That was 100,000 years ago. Being the first vampire comes with some perks. I can eat and sleep if I want. My bite isn't venomous, so I can't turn vampires like that. My blood heals people. I don't turn people into vampires and I drink animal blood. I can cry, I'm faster and stronger then the others. I also get stronger with age while they get weaker. I have very good control. I don't really have a blood lust.I can't die at all." I swallowed.

"But there are some bad things. Like the sun burns my skin, but with my necklace it's a non issue. My emotions are heightened. Like if I get sad, I'm more depressed. And if I get angry, it's rage. And so on. There's a plant that also burns my skin and makes me weak. I have a few more, but every vampire goes through those." I then take a seat on the grass.

I really hate my story. It makes me feel weak. I don't like feeling weak. When I'm weak people die. I quickly wiped the tears that fell. 

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